Why do people prefer to buy iPhones? The completely answer

Why do people prefer to buy iPhones ?
Why iPhone

when there are many other good companies such as Xiaomi and Google and their devices are characterized by great photography and the right price? This was a question for discussion, and these were the answers of some of those interested in the technical field!

First answer:

The matter is that Apple does not sell you a phone, but rather sells you the story of Steve Jobs's whining. Apple enslaves its customers so that it prevents them from thinking about buying another device. It managed to convince some of the weak-minded that it is the most successful company through:

  • The HD screen is better than QHD or 4K
  • Fast charging 20w is better and faster than charging 120w
  • 4GB RAM is preferable and greater than Over 18GB
  • The 2800mAh battery is better and bigger than the 6000mAh
  • The notch is better than a full-screen phone
  • And that the LCD screen is better than the OLED
  • The destination fingerprint is safer and better than the fingerprint.
  • The presence of a charger in the box causes global warming. Contamination, flames, floods, and the Ebola infection.

Apple succeeded in playing on the human psyche and was able to implant false class among people and make you delude that you are completely different from others just by holding your phone in front of the mirror, and mocked its users as slaves ready to defend it fiercely.

Unfortunately, everyone follows the herd and no one tries to disagree and explore!

Second answer:

Simply wise to the IOS system

  • This system is smooth, simple, uncomplicated for people who do not want complexity, and also full of surprises and features for people who are looking for complexity.
  • The system does not fail and is integrated with all devices, the Mac computer, and the iPad. What you do on your iPhone is found on the Mac. You can receive a message and answer it from the Mac
  • Apple does not sell you fake features and does not launch a feature unless you make sure that it works on a margin of error of one in ten million. I remember when Samsung launched the facial recognition system, unfortunately, it was not accurate, but it opens to other faces simply and even your solar photo as well as the fake feature Eye video control It was a feature It brings headaches and most people have not used it
  • Apple's feature in the system, as I said, Apple rarely talks about hardware numbers, except for the processor. As for the RAM, the number of pixels, and the size of the battery, it is never mentioned. You will be surprised that the 4 GB RAM phone from Apple works smoothly and is compatible with the Android 8 GB phone easily, as is the case with the camera 12 camera One megabyte in the iPhone bumping into a 108-megapixel phone camera, the same condition as the battery
  • Apple is indeed stingy and the price of its devices is high, but make sure that it will not offer a feature, otherwise, it works 100%, and the phone is impossible to slow down or stagnate, so the owners of the iPhone do not know the applications of cleaning and mitigating the ram, nor the restart that Android owners do, because the iOS system does this very efficiently
  • In the end, privacy matters that concern a large segment of businessmen as well as an important factor for Apple to bring its customers, as it is concerned with encryption and keeping codes and codes on your phone, so it is difficult to penetrate even on state devices and they resort to specialized companies with millions of dollars to decrypt your phone.

These are some of the points that make Apple the preferred destination for some segments. As for the Android community, you should try the device before judging it. I mean the experience, not for a day or two, but for a month or two to judge it.

Third answer:

Because the company succeeded in controlling a collective mind and programmed it in a way that shows people that the owners of this orientation are distinguished.
The plural chord is popular and difficult, but it was achieved due to the quality of the product and then the lack of competition in the beginning, which made people welcome, love, and join a large group of those whom the media portrayed as outstanding.
Therefore, after the market was saturated with better, stronger, more beautiful, and easier phones, many remained with the first category for their loyalty to what they thought was the best according to custom.
In the end, the brand owners are very pleased with this collective mind that has monopolized the market for two American systems.
Today, China entered the line through an operating system cloned from the two, the Harmony OS system, which more than a billion users around the world switched to in days.. during the past month through Huawei and its soldiers from strong and weak phones. America became a competitor because of its stupidity.

Fourth answer:

  • I tried both systems, until Android was higher in features than iOS, in terms of processor, kernel, memory, etc.
  • I found that the iPhone system is stable and safer because Apple does not allow downloading any application on its store until after examining and verifying its permissions, unlike Android, which allows both…
  • I found that some heavy programs on iPhone precede Android in response
And I'm not talking to you about the smoothness of use between the two systems. Android fails against iOS, which is as if it was designed specifically for its user.
As for the camera, prices, the multiplicity of products, and other accessories, an attempt was made to cover the shortage in the Android system

Fifth answer:

  • In the numbers game, the Android companies seem to have crushed Apple, and it is assumed that this crushing took place many years ago, but as we noticed later, the numbers are not fragile or tense in the first place, but the user experience, the processor, and some details that hide behind the basic language of numbers, are the foundation.
  • Also, the comparison clips between Android phones and iPhones, a comparison of experience, not words, and verbal review proved that the processor has a major role in Apple’s distinction. He continued this comparison between the iPhone 13 with a battery (4353) and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was inflated with its features and greatness..etc, with a battery (5000). And the experiment clips are many, and I have followed them for a long time, and most of them prove the superiority of Apple and the quality of its devices.
  • Because the processor, system, and device are all from the same company, it has a very big impact, and they compared the MacBook with the latest generation of Intel processors, with the MacBook with an M1 processor.
  • If there is competition for Apple, it is coming from Google devices (pixels.. or others in the future) after the news that Google confronted the design of its processors itself, as is the case with Apple, especially since Google woke up from the coma of the strange ugliness that characterized its devices, and is concerned with this aspect From investing two years ago, and from the ground up, the Pixel devices were recommended as the best devices in which you deal with Android, and the reason is clear, which is that the company is one.
  • Apple has this distinctive gradient style of change that I like as a user who hates huge cosmetic fluctuations (and wonder where the innovations of strange designs that filled the market went after 2016, and why the market returned to the (monotonous) of the usual devices, as happened with Oppo and others?) I say Apple has these The equation and the criteria that attract me, the change of my taste is gradual, versus the influential internal changes, so I jump with Apple every 4 generations and find in front of me a haven and a pleasure from the accumulation of 4 years’ changes arranged, deliberate and mature, and every change I find touches the user experience in his daily needs, without changing my confusing appearance.
  • In fact, if you go back to the past years, you would know that Apple’s policy is the one that leads the hardware market, and how many things have been mocked at Apple, and then the market followed it towards it, from closing the ports one by one, to one day achieving the dream about a device without slots, and even, For example, they ridiculed the shape of the rear cameras since the iPhone 11, which has been frequently associated with the description (ugliness) for a while, so the whole market follows this form.
  • Likewise, the store, applications, and services, all of these, I think Apple is significantly superior in them, I do not say this is stubbornness. My brother’s device is an Android device, and I was pleased with it when he picked it up and gave it to me to adjust the device’s affairs to him, such as settings, email, and the like. I was eager to learn about the new Android and other devices Galaxy, and this long experience with his device only made me ashamed of Android devices.
  • I think that companies know that Apple spends their heart’s blood on market research, and in the long run, following it to Apple shortens a lot of things for them. This is a feature of Android devices, as they jump to new experiences even if they are not mature, and to the language of large numbers even if they are not noticed in the user experience, and compare, for example, the Galaxy Fold devices of the new generation with the same from the previous generation, and look at the huge differences between them, which irritate the acquisition of devices The previous generation, and you feel sorry for them...even though they paid a sum of money for just a new (movement) in exchange for faded devices.
  • But in general, all devices are distinctive. You see, when we sometimes delve into the technical details, we talk about differences. Perhaps the general public, when they try them, do not find them and do not care about them, for reasons related to what they use the device for, but Apple is also better. 

Sixth answer:

I will answer from my personal experience, as I have been using the iPhone for many years, then I changed to Samsung, and I quickly returned to the iPhone.
There is an old saying by Steve Jobs that if you want to control the software, you must have a good grasp of the hardware.
One of the biggest problems with Android (and one of its greatest features at the same time) is that it revolves above any type of phone. As a developer of an operating system like Android, you will have to add many things to be able to support this feature. All of this will inevitably affect the random memory. And the processor and others, because to perform a task, many things must be taken into account, the main cause of which is the multiplicity of types of hardware.
This makes iPhones able to perform the same tasks with fewer processors. So don't be tempted by the power of Android phone's features.
This is from a technical point of view, but from a practical point of view, let me tell you an incident that happened to me two months ago, where I happened to buy a new Xiaomi two days ago for my wife and we went to the beach and that day was very hot and temperatures reached 49 degrees. Anyway, my
wife's phone saw a message that it was too hot and turned off, but my old iPhone 7 worked all day without problems
There are many other advantages, especially if you own a Mac, as sending media between the two devices is very easy, without forgetting also the excellent Apple support, where I changed my battery for a reasonable amount after 3 years and my device returned as if I had just bought it
The talk is long, but I tried to market some of the features that make Apple products more than just products, but rather a personal experience.

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