Nokia C30 4G , 6000 mAh battery, 64 GB storage, 3 GB RAM

Nokia C30 smartphone
Nokia C30

Guys you should understand that we win some and we lose some so don't expect a cheap phone to have everything perfect, No Some specs are better and some are worse.
A Nokia smartphone is an excellent choice if you're on a budget. The Nokia phone was released in August 2021, and it has many of the same features as current Nokia phones. There may be similarities in design, but the battery you've always used will amaze you like never before. This is a good phone for daily use at an affordable price.
With a low budget, this still offers a decent screen and a powerful battery. The device has a basic chipset and a low-resolution camera which are disappointing. Nokia C30 4G model, with a similar design to C20 Plus, is expected to be available in global markets from August. Let's get started with a detailed review of the Nokia C30 4G.

The Review


  • Your viewing experience will be more immersive with a 6.82-inch IPS screen.
  • The device runs on Android 11 (Go Edition) which makes it easier to use.
  • The Unisoc SC9863A chipset for normal purposes is a 28nm entry-level chip.
  • In this price range, a 13MP camera is perfect for getting decent photos.
  • This phone comes with a 6000mAh battery, which can last for a long time.

Design and Display

It is no secret that Nokia's design is monotonous. But that's not what makes you want to buy it. A simple design and polycarbonate shell make the phone a decent choice. You can use this template if you aren't very experienced in design or layout.
This template comes in two simple colors. One is white and one is green. At this price range, it is a great value due to the circular dual cameras and LED flash that are attached to the back. The phone even comes with a fingerprint sensor on the back.
A larger screen, on the other hand, allows for better visual enjoyment. An IPS LCD screen of 6.82 inches will make you feel superior. Enjoy your favorite movies in 720p resolution. The screen has a 20:9 aspect ratio.
The only thing that is worrying about your screen is the low resolution and default refresh rate. There may be motion blur when viewing high-graphic action or scenes. Its screen may be spectacular, but don't forget the lower-than-average brightness.
The phone is heavier than most. It might be disappointing to not be able to hold a feather-like model. The sidebar of the phone is 9.9mm thick, weighing 237g. While you hold your phone, it's smooth and glossy, adding a touch of brightness to your morning.

Memory and Internal

Storage is important as long as the phone has some features you want. Android 11 is the brand's most popular operating system due to its growing demand. You will also miss out on some very important specs that a phone should have to give the user a fast, smooth experience. Let's explore them one by one. The phone lacks a custom interface.
You will notice that the overall performance is driven by just one basic Unisoc chipset. Surfing the web, chatting, or playing lite games will still be possible, but high-level execution should be reduced.
A maximum clock speed of 1.6 GHz is offered by the Octa-core processor. This is not sufficient for high-end gaming. IMG graphics units, however, do not improve visual quality to a higher level. Because of this, the company isn't very proud of its internal features, other than the operating system.
When it comes to storage, you must be cautious about variants. Three models are available: the base one has 2GB/3GB RAM and 32GB storage, while the more expensive models have 3GB RAM and 64GB storage. There is no microSD card slot.


You will have to stick with decent camera options when viewing photos on a larger screen. Having a 13MP main camera will not cut it when viewing photos on a large screen. There is also a 2MP depth sensor. It's great for portrait photography. The photos will have noise and fog.
It's not for people who are photogenic. It's a good camera for capturing office work. It's important to find proper lighting, otherwise, you won't get good photos. Even so, the blurry effect of the background makes it an excellent choice for this price range.
You can't look beautiful with a 5 MP selfie camera. The list below doesn't have many ultra-modern features. The camera is worth your attention every day. This model's charm is undermined by the lack of video recording options. The camera section fails to impress. There are better models out there. There's definitely something for everyone here.

Battery and Others

The last section discusses the features that make this phone unique. Those are the things the company takes the most pride in. Nokia's 6000mAh smartphone is one of the best smartphones on the market today. This powerful ability of the Nokia C30 4G is, undoubtedly, an admirable feature.
Nokia offers many phones with such a powerful battery. In accordance with company information, it lasts almost 3 days after a full charge. The charger is a regular 10W charger. It is priced at $120.

The Features and Defects


  1. Large IPS LCD display.
  2. Runs Android 11 Go Edition.
  3. Supports dedicated microSD cards.
  4. The dual camera on the rear.
  5. Fingerprint sensor in the rear.
  6. The huge battery capacity of 6000mAh.


  1. Gorilla glass is not supported.
  2. Display only 720p resolutions.
  3. Not supported for video recording.
  4. USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi are outdated.
  5. There is no custom UI.
  6. Fast charging is not available.
  7. Low memory and storage configurations.
  8. Multitasking and gaming are not recommended.
  9. There may be a heating problem.


In conclusion, we can say that the Nokia C30 4G is a good phone for a very low budget. This model offers features that are difficult to find. You will be glued to this phone because of its screen and shiny battery. As a result, you will have a basic process that might hinder your ability to perform better and faster. Also, your camera won't satisfy you. Compromise on these two specs, and the phone will be worth its weight in gold. This model is just one of many released by Nokia.

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