Nokia X100 5G phone, 4470mAh Battery,6GB of RAM Snapdragon 480

Nokia X100 Review
Nokia X100 

 Nokia X100 Review - Like Infinix and Tecno, Nokia continues to expand its presence in entry-level and mid-range smartphones. Most likely, it will be in the affordable 5G segment since it has large untapped potential that will arrive in the next few years. Although the trend has also emerged in developed countries, it will eventually reach the global market.
Nokia recently announced the Nokia X100, which features 5G connectivity, a standard Android experience, a decent camera, and long battery life. the most important features of this phone that many have mentioned All these features come with this phone 4470mAh Battery,6GB of RAM Snapdragon 480. when it is positioned as a mid-range device. However, we all know that Nokia phones have some flaws. A detailed review of the Nokia X100 smartphone will reveal more about these flaws.

Nokia X100 Review


  • The device features a 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen with decent pixel density.
  • Android 11 provides a standard Android experience without any custom layers.
  • Hardware-wise, the Snapdragon 480 chipset offers 5G connectivity.
  • With a battery capacity of 4470mAh and fast charging support of 18W.
  • The Camera bump features a quad camera setup with a primary camera of 48 MP and a selfie cam of 16 MP.

Design and Display

The Nokia X100 uses a simple layout to create a minimalist feel. In addition, the Nokia X10 also has a circular camera cutout. Both phones differ in terms of their specifications, in addition to their texture and appearance. There is only one color variant available: Midnight Blue. A first impression is not bad.
However, if manufacturers introduced more shade options, users would enjoy it. In any case, the phone weighs 217 grams due to the heavy machinery under the hood. For the same reason, the clamping experience is average and the thickness is 8.9mm. The fingerprint reader will be mounted on the side of your server. A modern touch is also added by this sensor. It may also not have the AMOLED panel or advanced refresh rate settings on the front screen. There is no compromise on essentials like FHD+ resolution on the 6.67-inch IPS LCD panel or Corning glass protection, but manufacturers eliminate unnecessary and intact things. The low brightness nits and loss of HDR content didn't have as much of an impact on the viewing experience.

Memory and Internal

Nokia X100 has been equipped with the Snapdragon 480 chipset in order to reduce cost and provide decent 5G connectivity at an affordable price. The speed is similar to some basic phones, despite the fact that the processing power only goes up to 2.0GHz. But the Adreno 619 GPU's overall agility and graphical rendering are fantastic.

You will enjoy the software experience as it is basically a standard Android experience with minimal bloatware. You can do a lot with the UI settings, even though the phone doesn't have a custom UI. You just have to be creative in creating a custom ecosystem. Streaming content is also easier with a faster internet connection.

You can also download media files, games, and software instantly. Moreover, it offers a quality Android experience that rivals the Motorola G51. With the built-in configuration, you have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and you can expand your storage limits using a secondary drive and Google cloud. The phone, however, is not designed for gaming. However, you are able to play a few Lite games.  


As for the Nokia X100 camera review, the phone offers decent images under all conditions as the camera module will protect it from damage. A 48 MP main sensor captures stunning images both in daylight and in low light. Next, you'll get a 5MP ultra-wide that goes beyond the limits of natural photography. lose-up shots and portraits are handled by a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth lens.
You'll get a 16MP selfie camera with decent color and exposure upfront. With AI technology, your pictures and videos will look great.ll, look great. As well, the photo quality is the same in both normal mode and AI beauty mode. Every detail is rendered clearly. A few users noticed, however, that photos were taken in low light often did not bring the required exposure.
If you do not apply a filter to your photos and videos, you will get some natural color saturation. In addition, the bokeh effect is automatically applied to Instagram images. The native camera app on this device can record decent videos, but you won't have video stabilization like most mid-range 5G devices. As a final note, Zeiss optics require the light flare effect, which improves the overall quality of the camera.

Battery and Others

In the Nokia X100 smartphone, you'll find a 4470 mAh battery to power the entire system. The phone can also sit idle for two days and render more than four hours of screen time. In addition to a technical issue, screen time is one of the biggest complaints Nokia phone users have. There is an 18W fast charger inside the box, which will charge the phone in just an hour and a few minutes.
Additionally, the Nokia X100 can perform NFC functions that the Vivo Y76s cannot, which is a great advantage for the device. As for the communications and sensors, they work well and will support you perfectly throughout your day. Okay, let's talk about the main topic. Nokia X100 is priced at $250. It offers a lot of specs for this price point.


It offers robust features that you cannot find in a phone in the affordable 5G segment that is on a par with the Nokia X100. It includes long battery life, impressive camera features, and a few other features in addition to the processing power. Despite these features, the phone isn't perfect.
The phone shines where its immersive appeal can be appreciated, but there are downsides as well. In addition, it includes average videography, standard display quality, and many other features. To put it simply, this phone is in the moderate range.
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