Xiaomi Mi 11i,4520 mAh battery,256 GB storage,8 GB RAM

Xiaomi Mi 11i
 Xiaomi Mi 11i

Xiaomi recently launched its latest smartphone, Mi 11i, with top specs and a mid-range price, as a successor to its predecessor phone Mi 11, which has inherited a smaller size and an enormous battery, because of its high-resolution display. There are also other new features that aren't present in the current flagship phones, and in order to grasp these features in-depth, let's continue reading this article.

Mi 11i Phone Design

There is a plastic frame surrounding the perimeters of the phone and a curved Gorilla Glass 5 back cover, as well as a flat 6.67-inch screen on the front. This screen includes a hole within the middle of its upper edge for the front camera phone "my predecessor".
The frame of the rear camera is distinct from the body of the phone; it is split into two halves because the main camera is located in the upper section and the rest of the cameras are separated by a millimeter.
Its back cover is shiny so that ends with a somewhat reflective bottom edge, which implies it is susceptible to fingerprints as are other leading handsets because it is analogous to the current category of mobile phones with a top-quality design of the complete structure and its clickable buttons in a way that makes it easy to use.

Phone Screen Details

It came with a brilliant AMOLED screen measuring 6.67 inches and supporting FHD+ resolution, and even though its resolution is below the one on its predecessor, Mi 11, it is barely noticeable between the two screens.
The screen has 926 units of illumination, and this is enough to indicate the screen is at an excellent brightness, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate, and further, one can switch between 60 Hz and 120 Hz as needed. A good deal of heat is also used for displaying the images.

Phone Performance

The Xiaomi Mi 11i is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which provides strong performance and speed of completion of tasks, and while the MIUI computer program is quite heavy, the phone provided performance results that were very close to the results provided by the remainder of the leading counterpart phones, which work with the identical slides.
I did not see any signs of overheating, despite intensive use, and the large size and plastic frame of the phone may have something to do with reducing heart rate.
There is an 8 GB random-access memory attached to the phone chipset, which indicates that the phone won't bog down with multiple applications running concurrently, and 256 GB is also included as permanent storage, which is more than enough to store data without the need for external SD expansion cards, which justifies the phone's lack of an avid slot for microSD expansion cards.

The Operating System and Other Features

As mentioned previously, the Mi 11i runs on the MIUI 12 program, which relies on the Android 11 package. The MIUI 12 interface comes with an extensive number of customization settings, and for this reason, the phone requires more processing power to display its graphics smoothly. For example, you can switch between the standard home screen and one that has an app folder.
It is also possible to set the interface to use dark colors on the system level, as well as switching between gestures and regular buttons for navigating. Finally, the fingerprint reader on the side of the phone is extremely fast and accurate.

Mi 11i Phone Camera

Mi 11i comes with three rear-facing cameras that are similar to those found on the Mi 11 phone, but they do not support the same resolutions. In fact, the main camera has 108 megapixels for high-resolution and high-quality pictures that are not on par with those of most phones 11.
Its resolution has also dropped from 13 mega-pixels to eight megapixels, and it can no longer scan an extremely wide area as its angle is restricted to approximately 119 degrees, affecting the quality of the images slightly, as the resulting images tend to be colder and more saturated than those produced by the most camera, which possessed a warm tone and deep, realistic color, as well as the macro camera, which works with the same accuracy as the most phones.
We'll find in the camera app a passionate night mode that shows details more accurately, enhances dynamic range but does not make a truly noticeable difference as with the rest of the flagship phones.
The Mi 11i phone camera can record 8K video, and maintain 60 frames per second when reduced to 4K, which is sufficient for most shooting purposes, therefore autofocus works quickly during recording, but image stabilization is not available.

Mi 11i Phone Battery

This phone has a medium battery with a capacity of 4520 mAh, which is a smaller capacity than the Mi 11's 4600 mAh battery, but the battery lasts for quite some time when using the phone for YouTube playback and browsing, and gaming, as well as other activities. A fast charging technology of 33W is available on the phone.

Conclusion in conclusion

The Mi 11i phone is a superb example of the performance power offered by the predecessor phone Mi 11, though it has given up some other features such as the headphone jack, wireless charging, and an expansion slot for memory cards in exchange for a lower price that does not exceed 720 dollars, but compensates for these losses with a high-resolution screen, brightness, advanced imaging setup, long-lasting battery, and glass back cover, which gives it a similar appearance to other flagship phones.

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