Asus 8Z Review - The Pros and Cons

Asus 8Z Review - The Pros and Cons
Asus 8Z

The Asus 8Z features top-of-the-line specs, which makes it one of the most powerful Android phones on the market today, but it’s also priced as such. If you’re looking for premium design and power, the Asus 8Z may be right up your alley, but if you’re on a budget, there are better options to choose from. For more information on what the Asus 8Z offers, it retails as Asus Zenfone 8 with the same hardware and design. In 2021, the phone was introduced for the first time. In the Android world, the Asus 8Z offers a compact design, good innards, and a hope to repeat the success of the iPhone Mini series. But the question remains can it give iPhone-level performance? Does it have all the features people desire in a compact phone? Is it worth its price? Well, I lived with Asus 8Z for some days and thus keep reading to find out the pros and cons of buying this smartphone.


  • Clean UI
  • Decent Display
  • Compact Design
  • Good Rear camera setup
  • Loud & crisp stereo speakers
  • IP68 Water & Dust resistance


  • Runs Android 11
  • Charging is slow
  • Poor Selfie Camera
  • The battery is not strong

The Specs

  1. RAM- 8GB
  2. ROM-128GB
  3. OS- Android 11
  4. Weight- 169 grams
  5. Refresh rate- 120Hz
  6. Battery- 4000mAh
  7. Fast Charging - 30W
  8. Front Camera- 12MP
  9. Rear Camera- 64MP+12MP
  10. Touch Sampling rate- 240Hz
  11. Dimensions- 68.5x148x8.9mm
  12. Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
  13. Display- 5.92-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display
  14. Supported Networks - 5G. 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, WCDMA, GSM
ASUS Zenfone 8
ASUS Zenfone 8

The Design

In keeping with Asus's tagline, the 8Z series smartphones are compact and powerful. When you hold the 8Z in your hand for the first time, you will be blown away by the compact part of the marketing tagline. With an overall size of under 6-inches (5.92-inches in screen size to be precise) and a thickness of 8.9mm, the Asus 8Z places a major emphasis on its form factor. Compact design allows you to operate the phone with one hand comfortably because you can hold it in your palm.
The device weighs only 169 grams, which means it's super light to hold, and its curved edges feel incredible in the palm. Metal is used for the screen and frame while glass covers the rest. With both the front and back glass covered in Corning Gorilla Glass, it is virtually impossible to scratch.
A large screen dominates the front of the Asus 8Z, with edges that are very thin. It features a selfie camera that sits within a punch-hole cutout on the front. It is left empty on the left edge but features a capacitive touch-screen fingerprint scanner on the right side. Since the rest of the body is black, the blue power button really stands out. In 2022, 3.5mm headphone jacks are not common anymore.
The phone is equipped with a SIM tray, USB Type-C port for charging, and stereo speaker on its bottom edge. An Asus logo is centrally located on the backside, above the camera module with a slightly protruding rectangle on its left side. Aluminum is used for the phone's frame, which gives it strength since its very majority is glass. This phone is water and dust resistant according to IP68 certification. I love the way the smartphone looks, it is sleek and compact and is very comfortable to use. Not only does it fit in your hand, but it is also easy to carry.

The Display & Sound

With a full HD+ AMOLED panel (2400 x 1080 pixels) and 120Hz refresh rate, the Asus 8Z has a 5.9-inch screen. Even Nothing jerks or is delayed in any way. when I scroll through the page at max speed, the text never blurs or becomes difficult to read due to the high refresh rate. Also, you may use the adaptive refresh rate feature so it automatically changes the refresh rate based on the content. It has a sampling rate of 240Hz, which means the screen is super responsive and quick, as I found out when playing games and typing on it.
Even though the Samsung device supports HDR10+, the size of the screen is somewhat small in comparison with other smartphones available today, but the quality of the visuals makes up for it. This display maintains a high saturation level and shows a cooler color palette.
To demonstrate the quality of the display of HD content on the Asus 8z, I have attached a few screenshots. This display has above-average outdoor visibility, as it was visible with only a slight reflection in the brightest sunlight.
Audio quality has always been good on Asus smartphones, and it seems that the same is true for the 8Z as well. Two speakers are available with the Asus 8Z, both of which are loud and clear. The bottom speaker is located below the screen, while the front speaker is located above it. I had no trouble enjoying music or participating in video calls using these speakers. Despite the highest volume level, the sound quality was impressive, without any jitteriness. Moreover, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is useful for people who watch videos and listen to music the old-fashioned way, using wired earplugs.

The camera.

Regarding the Asus 8z's camera department, the phone's rear camera setup is different from most other smartphones, which sports at least three lenses and a dual-LED flash. In the rear, the Asus 8z has a dual-camera setup with a 64MP main camera and a 12MP secondary camera, both with an electronic image stabilization camera with a 12.25-inch Sony IMX363 sensor and a 113-degree field of view.
In comparison to its good main camera performance, the Asus 8z's selfie camera only has 12MP, which disappointed me after being blown away by its main camera setup. Pictures are soft, lacking details and texture. In natural daylight, selfies appear overexposed due to the low dynamic range.
In 8K videos, the Asus 8Z can record at a maximum of 30 frames per second, but the details are limited. You'll get much better results from 4K videos.

The battery.

With its 4000mAh battery, the Asus 8z can last throughout the day on light or moderate usage but do not expect much more. Since I use Instagram a lot and like to play games (mostly on weekends), I needed to charge my phone after I got home. In general, I was able to use my phone for around 6 hours with a 100% battery.
The device also has battery-saving modes that restrict CPU, CPU and display brightness in order to save battery life. The phone charges in a reasonable amount of time (1 hour 30 minutes) with 30W fast charging. The underside of the phone displays different colors indicating its charging status. It appears orange when the device is not fully charged and turns green once it is fully charged. Wireless charging should also be included, but it isn't.

The Software and Performance

In terms of software, the Asus 8z runs a version of Android 11 called Zen UI. While it has a clean and good UI, it does not come pre-loaded with Android 12. With features such as Game Genie, regular gamers may be able to monitor their resources and receive DVDs. Personalization and customization are possible, and there is no adware, giving the overall experience a refined feel. You can change the default browser if you wish to, but it comes with Google Chrome.
A Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor powers the Asus 8Z. It may not be one of the newest chipsets, but it offers strong functionality. Its 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM makes it capable of handling any task that comes its the way. By supporting 5G connectivity, the Asus 8Z is prepared to handle the upcoming 5G services that will be needed in the future. The device is using a 5nm processor, thus offering good efficiency. With high graphic settings, you can play games for hours while multitasking seamlessly. Additionally, HDR graphics are supported.


Based on my experience, I think Asus made a good compact flagship with good specs but a small design factor. However, despite having a good processor, a clean software environment, and a decent camera setup, it has a number of disadvantages, such as short battery life, a slow processor charging, heating problems, and an underperforming selfie camera. One of my biggest concerns with this phone is when it will be released. This is a phone that has been out for six to eight months already. Despite its compactness, the phone lacks value compared to other Android phones. The Asus 8Z will have a compact size even in 2022 if that is your priority.


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