How to Hide What You've Been Watching on Your iPhone or Android

How to Hide What You've Been Watching on Your iPhone or Android
How to Hide What You've Been Watching on Your iPhone or Android

Let's be honest, we don't want to judge you. There is a tremendous amount of content on the internet, which can be accessed by a variety of people. Your ISP, your ISP's website, and Google determine what you search for, watch, and do on the World Wide Web. It is possible for your browsing history to be revealed to the wrong people if you are not careful. So on this topic, I'm going to show you. How to Hide What You've Been Watching on Your iPhone or Android.

If snoopers were allowed to look at your unedited search history, they would have a field day. However, it isn't that difficult to blow your cover - sometimes, even a single character typed in a search field will reveal your past involvements. Searching with the letter “C” in Google might result in “Check out the weird stuff this guy's into,” if you get what I mean. There are two things you can do in the afternoon: explain yourself or delete your browsing history.

Deleting browsing history has become second nature for some people who surf the internet. Even so, it's a tedious process: you have to go into your search history, find the "Delete" button, choose the period of time to delete, then return to browsing to collect further evidence. You can now choose to have your history automatically deleted every three, 18, or 36 months by using Google's "Auto-delete" feature.

Many internet browsers, however, simply won't be satisfied with those timeframes. Make sure the evidence is gone as soon as possible. There is an easy way for you to clean your footprints from your Google account (Google is always listening).

Below is a guide on how to delete Google history from iPhone and Android devices.

It is called "Delete last 15 minutes," and it does exactly what its name implies: It will erase your Google Account's browsing history from the last 15 minutes. The feature was originally available in Google's iOS app last year, but now it is also available on Android.

If you're using an iPhone or Android device, simply open the Google app and tap your profile in the top right corner. You will find a new option labeled "Delete last 15 minutes" under "Search history." By tapping the option, Google will begin clearing the search history. In the event that you change your mind after 15 minutes, you can tap "Cancel" on the pop-up that appears, but it's probably better to let Google erase those 15 minutes. After trying this method, I hope this method works for you.


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