iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13 mini

iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13 mini
iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13 mini


Not only is the iPhone SE the cheapest iPhone you can get, but it's also a lot smaller than any other phone on the market... with one exception - the iPhone 13 mini!
These two phones should be at the top of your list if you are looking for a truly compact "mini" phone.
However, how does the iPhone 13 mini, which costs $700, differ from the new iPhone SE, which costs $400?

Should you buy the new iPhone mini or the new iPhone SE?

First to come to mind is the iPhone, but if you're willing to spend a few extra dollars, you can actually get something with a much larger screen, more battery, Face ID, swipe navigation, and a few other features. Certainly, we are thinking of the iPhone 11, with a price point of $500 in 2022, as opposed to the $400 MSRP of the iPhone SE 2022 edition.
Our article explains the differences between these two models and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each, and helps you decide which is best for you.

Differences between iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE (2022):

  • Phone 13 small OLED screen used with more vivid colors
  • And phone 13 small screen is brighter and sharper.
  • Phone 13 small OLED screen used with more vivid colors
  • And phone 13 small screen is brighter and sharper.
  • Phone 13 mini is more compact
  • But the SE actually has a smaller screen.
  • 13 mini Should Be Face ID vs. Touch ID on SE.
  • The SE phone has base storage of 64GB, while the small model
  • 13 has twice that.
  • Both have the same A15 chip.
  • The Mini 13 lasts a little longer.
  • The SE costs 430 dollars, the mini 13 - 700 dollars.

Display Quality and Design

Apple's iPhone SE (2022) looks quite outdated in today's technology world, with the big border around its screen and older design, while its 13 mini looks much more current and fresh.
Even though it's cheaper and looks dated, the SE offers great build quality. The 13 minis and the SE have an aluminum frame, toughened glass on the front and back, and both are water and dust resistant (IP67 on the 13 minis, IP68 on the SE, which are negligible differences).
It is true that MINI lives up to its name as it is quite small. Also, it's slightly lighter than the previous model, although you wouldn't notice it since both appear lightweight and easy to carry.
The only difference between the 13 mini and the SE is its shape: the 13 mini has flat sides, making it easier to pick up from a table, while the SE has rounded sides, which provide a more natural feel in the hand.
We may argue over the beauty of a device and its aesthetics, but there is no arguing about its display quality: the iPhone 13 mini is the better device, as is evident. As a result, the display on the SE is slightly larger at 5.4 inches vs. 4.7 inches on the SE, but it's not really a fair comparison since the aspect ratios are not the same. With the 13 minis, the screen is tall and narrow while with the SE, it is wider.
There is one significant difference here: screen technology. The SE has LCD whereas the 13 mini has OLED. In addition, the SE has 750p versus the 13 minis' 1080p, which is sharper on top of that. The OLED panel is the winner as it has perfect blacks, excellent contrast, vibrant colors, no ghosting.
Lastly, Face ID is used on the 13 minis, while Touch ID is used for the SE. While face ID might sound cool and all, it won't be practical with Covid and masks still present, so the SE might have an edge here

Software and Performance

Two years ago, Apple shook the budget phone market with the original SE, which had a high-end processor, an unprecedented feature back then. Now, though, it's kind of become the norm, and Apple updating the SE (2022) to the A15 is no longer appreciated. But it's still important: a budget phone with the same specs as the 13 minis. We love it!
We know the A15 is nothing to joke about. As a matter of fact, it's among the fastest chips on the market right now. Stay tuned for the upcoming set of benchmarks to determine what the difference in throttling is between the form factors and what the differences in performance are. However, that's coming in the near future, so stay tuned.
These phones have IOS 15 software, both are capable of getting updates for years to come, and both are completely future-proof.

The camera

Let me not deceive you: SE stands for "Special Edition" on the back, but it comes with just one camera, whereas the 13 mini comes with that same wide lens but with an ultra-wide one as well.
This time around, the SE (2022) has all the same computational features as the 13 mini, as well as Smart HDR4 and improved video quality. The only difference is that the SE (2022) does not have sensor-shift video stabilization.
In fact, we expect to see mostly the same images and videos as sample photos and videos. Being able to say so little about Apple's camera work on the budget SE is a testament to its work on this camera.

Charging and Battery Life

Two phones walk into a bar and immediately look for chargers.
The way these jokes go isn't how they work in reality, but if you use these phones heavily, it's how things will be.
Batteries on small phones are awesome! It's not the happiest of stories, but if we let the inevitable sigh go and face reality, we'll be able to see how much better the SE is than its predecessor, but the 13 minis will last longer. Even with average use, the 13 minis can easily last a full day, but heavy users will be disappointed or at the very least tethered to a charger.
On both munchkins, the charging speed is limited to 20 watts at the most, and probably even lower.
There is wireless charging on both the SE and the 13 minis, but the 13 mini has the MagSafe trick, while the SE can't be snapped as tightly and isn't quite as cool with its regular wireless charging coil.

Haptics and audio quality

It could be small, but the iPhone 13 mini-packs quite a punch with its speakers. Similar to the SE, the SE has a bottom-oriented main speaker, assisted by a secondary earpiece speaker, but you should still be able to hear the differences. I'll be back soon with more impressions.
I also cannot find the headphone jack - it is nowhere to be found. In the last few years, that has been the case; it will not be returning to iPhones.

Conclusions and Summary

Anyway, I want to come back to what started this whole thing: does the $700 iPhone 13 mini make sense when you can get the $430 iPhone SE (2022) for nearly twice as much?
You'll be just fine with the iPhone SE if you're an average iPhone user who mostly wants a phone that can be used for social media and messaging.
When it comes to discerning individuals who would actually use an ultra-wide camera and appreciate the vivid colors of the OLED screen and also value the extra bit of battery life, then the 13 mini would be a great choice. There are numerous reasons why it's better.
What about the SE? There's something seriously nostalgic about this phone, as well as it having a button. Nowadays, you won't see phones like that.


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