iPhone SE in (2022) smartphone

iPhone SE in (2022) smartphone
 iPhone SE in (2022) 


The iPhone SE is Apple's budget model, so it has been unchanged for about two years now. Apple refreshes its flagship iPhone every year, like clockwork. We are excited to announce that in March 2022, the next generation of the SE will be available: the iPhone SE 3rd generation.
The phone looks exactly like its predecessor, so there's not much to be excited about. As a result, it looked just like the iPhone 8, which in turn looked like the iPhone 7, which... seemed to be the iPhone 6 from 2014.
It's not really new on the outside, at least when it comes to the appearance: same big bezels, same smallish 4.7-inch screen, same super reliable Touch ID, same slim and compact design. However, sticking to tradition has some advantages.
So, what is really new? What about the original iPhone SE's flaws, such as its poor battery life and other kinks that needed fixing? Can this updated iPhone SE fix those flaws?

Let's find out!

Display Quality and Design

iPhone SE in (2022) smartphone

How does it look? We have a 4.7-inch screen, with huge top and bottom bezels, but they also keep our good friend Touch ID right on the front. Even the iPhone 13 mini can learn a thing or two about compactness from this phone, which is slim and lightweight considering the ever-growing size of modern phones.
It also comes with the quite practical IP67 water and dust protection rating, through which Apple translates that a drop in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes can be endured (on the other hand, IP68 enabled flagship iPhones can withstand drops to 6 meters deep for 30 minutes).
You can choose from the following colors for the iPhone SE (2022): Black, Starlight (a slightly muddied version of white), or Product Red.

On the front of the phone, another thing that has remained the same as the predecessor is the screen: its 4.7-inch size is definitely smallish in comparison to the 10-inch screens of other phones, but that's the price to pay for the compact physical dimensions.

While it features the same 750p "Retina" resolution as modern 1080p screens, on closer examination, it isn't as sharp as modern 1080p screens. Still, one of the biggest gripes here is not the resolution, but the old LCD technology employed. Compared to OLED screens, which feature bright and vibrant colors, this LCD display, though good, is limited by LCD limitations such as lack of contrast, deep blacks, and instant response time.
There is no support for HDR on this screen, with the same contrast ratio of 1,400 to 1, and the same brightness of 625.
Touch ID is a traditional fingerprint scanner, so if you're worried about security, Touch ID is what you need. It's fast, reliable, and not affected by masks.

The Camera

iPhone SE Camera
 iPhone SE Camera

This phone has a single 12MP wide-angle camera on the back. It's just one camera, like back in the day. There are no zoom lenses and no ultra-wide angle.
However, with the super-fast A15 chip inside, you'll be able to capture some stunning images.
On the iPhone 13, it uses many of the latest tricks: the chip enables computational photography, enhances color and detail in the image, and the Smart HDR 4 engine makes the image more vibrant, contrasty, and noise-free. You can also adjust the color of your photos with the Photographic Styles feature.
Moreover, the A15 Bionic's ISP improves video quality to a significant degree, reducing noise and particularly in dim lighting. There is a difference between the SE's optical image stabilization (OIS) and the sensor-shift technology found on the iPhone 13 series.
Soon, we will update this article with photos from the SE, as well as give you the full scoop, so check back soon.

Apple A15
 Apple A15

Software and Performance

The original SE was the first budget smartphone to feature a flagship-grade processor, and Apple is dominating the budget smartphone market again with its iPhone SE, which has the same Apple A15 chip inside as in the iPhone 13.
The Snapdragon 6xx processor, which is commonly found at this price tier on Android phones, will be irrelevant for years to come. The MediaTek processor, which is commonly found in mid-range smartphones, is comparable.
The article will be updated with more detailed benchmarks and analysis, but it's clear from the start that this new iPhone SE is performing as well as most budget phones.
In the storage department, the base version still has 64GB, but you have the option of upgrading to 128GB and 256GB.
iOS 15
 iOS 15
With respect to software, the SE runs the latest iOS 15 version. Apple has been evolving iOS steadily and slowly over the years, adding new features gradually and maintaining the familiar interface. Here, the main selling point is the software support: Apple provides major software updates for about 5 years, compared to 2 to 3 years for Android budget phones.
With the availability of 5G, the iPhone SE now offers sub-6-band support but does not support mmWave. wave is only available in a few places, so we don't feel that its loss is great.
There is no ultra-wideband (UWB) chip in the SE. Besides being used to find lost devices, the UWB chip also assists AirDrop to locate devices faster.

Charging and Battery Life

Apple's iPhone SE design is just so thin and compact that there isn't enough room inside the body to put a large battery, and that limitation carries over to the new iPhone SE.
Its battery life is measured in hours of continuous video playback. The new iPhone SE can playback video for 15 hours and stream video for 10 hours, which is two hours longer than last year's model. The battery life for audio playback is slightly less than that of the iPhone 11, even though it matches video streaming. It's also not quite as long-lasting as the iPhone 13 mini, but it's a step in the right direction.
The SE does still have a limited battery life, but it's getting better.
There's no difference in the maximum charging speeds on the new iPhone SE and last year's model (pick the right charger for your device).
According to our measurements, an official Apple charger can recharge your iPhone within 15 minutes, give you 2 hours of battery life, and give you about 55%. The charger isn't the fastest, but it is convenient.
The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series don't have the magnets for MagSafe on their phones, so you can't use wireless charging with them.

Haptics and audio quality

Haptics and audio quality

The audio quality seems to remain the same. Dual speakers are still present, with the main one firing downward and the helper speaker positioned in the earpiece.
As was to be expected, nothing has been added to the headphone jack, but Apple has been so consistent with removing it that it's probably not even worth mentioning.
iPhone SE in (2022)

Conclusions and Verdict

In the end, the iPhone SE has finally been given much-needed spruce up with new paint, improved camera, 5G connectivity, and a faster processor, but it has not altered its colors.
A former president would be pleased with the familiar "iPhone with a button" design on the device. Simply put, Apple is sticking with classic designs.
However, it fails to address the bigger problem: the subpar battery life, as well as the fact that it does not pretend to be a power-user phone, so that feature might be more relevant.
Simply put, if you're looking for an iPhone that's compact and simple, this one is a great choice! While the price is higher, if you want something more modern, expect to pay more or check out Apple's more expensive models.
A price of $430 is very competitive for this budget iPhone SE, only slightly higher than its previous price.
It has a few shortcomings as well, such as a small screen, old LCD technology, and only one camera, but if you are just an average user who uses a phone as... just a phone, then this is the phone for you. It's going really fast. And it's compact enough to fit into nearly all pockets. This is a lightweight device. The camera is pretty good, and it captures good videos as well.
Two major competitors are the Samsung Galaxy A-line and Google's Pixel line. Those with a larger screen and a longer battery life have the biggest advantage in our eyes.
Its successor, the Galaxy A53 5G, will also have a larger screen with the newer, OLED kind, as well as an ultra-wide camera in addition to the main one, to go along with much longer battery life. But, all of this is a bit more expensive than the SE.
It has a better-quality OLED display, an ultra-wide camera that is useful, and a battery that can last for up to 2 days between charges. The Pixel 5a 5G edition is another excellent option with only slight losses in performance speed.
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