OnePlus, On March 31 will also reveal about the Bullets Wireless Z 2.

OnePlus, On March 31 will also reveal about the Bullets Wireless Z 2.
 Bullets Wireless Z 2

OnePlus today revealed the date on which it will announce the 10 Pro for global markets - March 31, narrowly missing the oft-reported launch window of 'Q1 2022' after releasing the handset initially in China back in January.
In fact, the phone won't be the only new product that will be announced this month. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 will join the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, which judging by its name will succeed the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z released in 2020. The Bullets Wireless Z2 was leaked earlier this month, and it's been a long time since these were replaced.
In addition to being OnePlus' most affordable wireless earbuds (although they aren't truly wireless as you can see), the earbuds will come in blue and black and feature a physical volume and media control on the right neckband. With magnets, the buds stick together when they aren't in use. However, no information about the internals has yet been released.
However, things are about to change: according to the official teaser page, OnePlus will slowly release information about the earbuds, starting on March 25, when more information about the bass capabilities will be revealed. In the next couple of days, we'll learn about the pair's fast charging capabilities, and on March 29, we'll find out about the pair's water resistance.
You can register to be notified about bullets Wireless Z2 news at the Source link below while you wait for the March 31 event. The winner of this competition will be awarded a pair of free headphones.

What is OnePlus?

In an industry that’s becoming more crowded and confusing with each new entrant, how does one company make its product stand out? OnePlus is just about to celebrate its third anniversary in 2016, but it still remains a mystery to most consumers. For some quick perspective: OnePlus released its first smartphone in 2014—three years after launching as an online-only brand—and now has sold over 1 million phones worldwide (many within just three months). Even though OnePlus’ newest flagship, the OnePlus 3, was announced just last month, we wanted to take some time to reflect on what brought us here. Here’s our history of OnePlus so far... In 2013, Pete Lau founded Oppo Electronics Corp., a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer. One year later, he launched OnePlus, an online-only mobile phone startup that would sell directly to customers at affordable prices. When you look at how Oppo and OnePlus are run today, you can see similarities between them—they both have strong followings for releasing affordable smartphones with high specs and quality designs. But there are also differences between them too; Oppo is known for being big on marketing campaigns while OnePlus is known for being big on social media buzz. So which approach works better? Let’s take a look back at both companies' histories to find out... On December 17th, 2013, Pete Lau took to Reddit to announce his latest venture into smartphones. At first glance, you might think Lau had something up his sleeve by starting such a post with I'm Pete, because who else could be writing such a message other than himself? It turns out I'm Pete was actually just part of the marketing campaign. Through the r/Android subreddit's signature AMAs (Ask Me Anything), forum members were given ample opportunity to ask questions directly to OnePlus CEO Pete Lau via his Reddit username petelau2007. Three days later on December 20th, petelau2007 held another AMA titled The First Step towards Something New, where he explained why and how he started OnePlus from scratch. As expected, many people asked Lau if he was planning to compete against his own company (Oppo) or if they'd even support him in any way. His response was simple: I don't plan to compete with my current employer. ...In March 2014, OnePlus officially unveiled its first smartphone called One through a virtual reality event streamed live around the world. It only made sense that they'd choose VR technology since their goal was to bring virtual reality closer to mainstream consumers through technology. Since they didn't have any physical stores yet, using VR allowed potential buyers all over the world to experience what it's like buying a OnePlus phone without having to leave home. The OnePlus One was first available in China on April 23rd, 2014, and then a few weeks later on May 8th, 2014 in India. In July 2014, OnePlus opened its first online store in Europe (UK) and North America (US). By September 2014, OnePlus began selling its smartphone in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The following month on October 29th, it expanded to Brazil. After less than a year of being available for purchase online, OnePlus decided to start selling its products at retail locations. The company partnered with select retailers throughout Europe and North America including Amazon (US), O2 (UK), FNAC (France), Media Markt (Germany), Univercell (Spain), and others.



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