Realme 9 Pro+ Smartphone Review 2022

Realme 9 Pro+
Realme 9 Pro+

This newest model in the Realme 9 Pro+ series is the fastest and best equipped in the mid-range series. A powerful battery, a fast processor, and 60-watt charging make it hard to hide, but it also faces strong competition. Here we examine the device in person.


Displays with AMOLED technology have become ubiquitous, even in the middle class. There is no difference in the resolution or brightness between the Realme 9 Pro+ and the predecessor. The Realme phone's screen can't keep up with high peak brightness; those seeking this feature should look at Xiaomi or Samsung phones. Also, the response times are excellent and the color display accuracy is quite good it's 6.4 inches.

Features and Body

Three colors are offered by the manufacturer: Aurora Green, a dark green, Midnight Black, a deep blue shimmering black, and Sunrise Blue, a bright blue that fades under sunshine. The Sunrise Blue variant also comes only in small memory.
Plastic is used on the case itself; the glossy back of the case is very fingerprint-prone. Even strengthened finger pressure does not penetrate the screen, proving the stability of the device. Moreover, the workmanship is clean and free of blemishes.
In addition, the device has a 3.5 mm jack for sound output with Hi-Res certification, as well as NFC. As a bonus, the fingerprint sensor can measure your heart rate.
Realme 9 Pro+ Colors
Realme 9 Pro+ Colors


Sony's IMX776 image sensor for the mid-range phone features optical image stabilization. It has a 50-megapixel resolution. Pixel binning results in pixels that are larger and more sensitive to light, reducing the effective resolution to 12 megapixels.
We found that image sharpness was in the average range, but that color reproduction and brightening were good. Pictures taken with the smartphone are often warm and quite detailed, even in low light.
This camera has 8 megapixels, which is on the usual level: When you try to get into more detail, the picture loses a lot of detail, but it's good for overview shots. In addition to its own 2 MP macro lens, Realme's smartphone also has a decent close-up camera.
Besides the main camera, the front has a selfie camera featuring 16 megapixels. Brighter pictures and darker areas with more detail would be nice.

Software and operating system

We tested the Realme 9 Pro Plus wireless performance with the Asus GT-AXE11000 reference router. While the performance is snappy, the data rate isn't quite so steady; there are intermittent drops in speed. While traveling, you will most likely be able to connect to the mobile Internet with this 5G smartphone since it supports many 4G frequencies.
When Realme UI 3 was tested, it was based on Android 12, with security patches dating back to February 2022. Some pre-installed third-party applications, such as shopping portals, must be accepted; however, they can be deleted without any problem. This is nice because Realme has been certified as a DRM-L1 solution, so you can also watch streaming videos in high definition.
You can operate the screen at a smooth 90Hz rate as well. Surfaces are coated with protective films, but fingers glide pleasantly over them too. With the fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen, fingerprints are detected quickly. Even in standby, the icon indicating the scanner's location appears as soon as the smartphone is raised. When the sensor receives a signal, it responds within a short period of time and unlocks the device with great reliability. The location of the icon is quite far down the screen, which is a little awkward at first.

Battery life and Performance

We've benchmarked the MediaTek Dimensity 920, an SoC from 2020, and it's surprising for its performance. We found that only the Xiaomi Poco F3 with Snapdragon 870 offers a higher level of power than our other comparators. When compared to the Realm 8 Pro, there is a significant improvement in the graphics performance. However, the Xiaomi device is significantly faster in comparison.
With UFS 2.2, the Realme 9 Pro+ is fast in terms of memory but not very competitive in terms of price. Here, the Xiaomi Poco F3 is the clear option.
When the Realme 9 Pro Plus is loaded for a prolonged period, temperatures on the casing can reach 44.5°C (112.1°F). Normally, that would not be a problem, but on a hot summer day, the increase in temperature could be much greater and more dangerous.
You can listen to a piece of music with stereo speakers whose maximum volume is quite high, but the sound is balanced. The 3.5 mm jack and Bluetooth can also be used to connect external audio devices.
With just under 16 hours in our WLAN test, the Realme phone falls a little short of its predecessor when it comes to battery life, but it still performs quite well in the class. A corresponding charger is included, as well as the ability to charge the phone using up to 60 watts. In fifteen minutes, they promise to charge the device by 50%. Despite the fact that the charging process takes a few more minutes, we are happy with how fast it is.


Generally, the Realme 9 series offers good features for the price. With the Realme 9 Pro Plus, you can choose from two configurations costing around 400 Euros (*$443):
You can get a Realme 9 Pro+ with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of mass storage for 380 EURO (*420 USD)
430 Euro ($476) for a Realme 9 Pro+ with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB mass storage.


Realme 9 Pro+ offers a high level of performance and an excellent battery life.
The Realm 9 Pro Plus is a great mid-range smartphone that has everything you could wish for at this price point: A fast screen, fast charging, good running times, fast storage, a powerful system, and an incredible camera.
It's a decent chassis, but it doesn't stand out from the crowd. However, there is some preinstalled bloatware that detracts from the overall impression. There are a lot of diverse photography modes, such as tilt-shift and star mode. However, the cameras are only average overall. Our test also showed some fluctuations in Wi-Fi data rates.
All that being said, you are still going to need to buy the Xiaomi Poco F3, which still has the most competitive price-performance ratio today. In addition to good performance metrics, Samsung's Galaxy A52s 5G disappoints with slow charging. The included power adapter also takes a long time to charge.


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