iPhone XR in 2022 Should You Buy Read To know

iPhone XR in 2022
iPhone XR in 2022 

In 2022, the iPhone XR is still one of the best cheap iPhones you can buy. You get everything you love about more expensive models - like Face ID, a full-screen display, and a great camera - for a much lower price.
In the past, the iPhone XR has been offered by Apple for $499, but you can find discounted models at many stores such as Swappa for $235. It offers gently used models with many colors and storage configurations for all carriers and colors.
In this article, we're going to show you 9 of the iPhone XR's best features, if you're still unsure. Your decision will depend on whether it's still worth doing in 2022.
With the iPhone XR, Apple released a budget-friendly alternative to the flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max earlier in 2018. Apple's 6.1-inch iPhone model, equipped with a Liquid Retina display, True Depth camera, and Face ID, is packed with features. Read on to find out more.

iPhone XR Design & Display

Should You Buy iPhone XR in 2022 Read To know

The iPhone XR looks right at home next to Apple's premium iPhone 11 and 12 models thanks to its streamlined aluminum frame, ergonomic curves, an edge-to-edge screen. Weighing only 194g, and protected by an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, it not only looks the part but is both light and durable. The Apple handset can even withstand immersion in water up to one meter for 30 minutes.
The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display on this iPhone model makes it one of the first to feature an all-screen front. Only the smallest notch for the intelligent True Depth front camera is visible due to the lack of a home button. With an immersive visual experience, it's a great upgrade for people who like large-screen smartphones but don't want to compromise on handset size.
With an all-screen front, it is also the first iPhone to feature a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. The display fills the entire face of the phone, with just the tiniest notch visible for the True Depth front camera. A great upgrade for fans of large-screen smartphones who do not wish to sacrifice handset size, this device provides an immersive viewing experience.

iPhone XR Camera

There is a single-lens, 12MP camera on the device, which features a low-light-optimized f/1.8 aperture, which makes it excellent for low-light photography.
You'll be able to shoot whenever and wherever you want with this iPhone, with Apple's Depth Control and Smart HDR features. Adding to the existing Portrait Mode, Depth Control allows you to edit the amount of blur in a picture, all without losing the primary subject of the image, while Smart HDR helps you to automatically adjust exposure so each shot is well lit.
Video can be recorded in up to 4K resolution, so you can create professional, studio-quality movies.
At the top center of the device, you will find Apple's 7MP True Depth camera. It is also possible to enjoy other benefits like Apple's safe Face ID, fun Animoji, and even Memoji with the True Depth system.

iPhone XR Power

Powerful performance comes easy to iPhone XR with Apple's A12 Bionic Chip. With a performance that's just as fast as Apple's flagship iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, you can expect nothing less than a smooth, seamless experience no matter what you're doing. With its octa-core second-generation Neural Engine, you're always able to do anything you want on this device, whether it's something as simple as scrolling through emails, or more demanding tasks such as streaming on the go or playing online games with friends.
If you're upgrading from an older iPhone model, you'll feel the difference immediately since the A12 chip is 15% faster and 50% more efficient than Apple's A11. You can upgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 14 immediately to take advantage of the latest iOS features, such as Widgets and Picture in Picture.
You will also have access to classic features like Apple Pay and Siri.

iPhone XR Battery

An impressive 2,942 mAh Li-Ion battery sits under iPhone XR's sleek aluminum frame and is working behind the scenes to keep it going. One full charge will comfortably carry you through the day; the video playback time is approximately 16 hours, the talk time is approximately 25 hours, and the audio playback time is approximately 65 hours.
The phone does not have to be plugged in overnight. You can also use any Qi wireless charger to reach 50% power in just 30 minutes if you use the lightning cable provided. Charging it when you wake up will ensure it is ready to go when you leave the house.


The cheap iPhone XR is still worth it in 2022. We listed off all those great features in order to claim that it really is a great value. The iPhone XR's amazing combination of features and price can't be beaten regardless of whether you're buying it for yourself or a loved one. The iPhone XR may be worth it if you find newer models a tad out of your price range while still wanting a large iPhone with plenty of features and the ability to consume media easily.
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