The Largest Phone Museum on the Internet Nokia & Ericsson memories

Nokia & Ericsson - The Largest Phone Museum on the Internet
The Largest Phone Museum on the Internet

If you were around in the 80s and 90s, you probably remember two very iconic phone brands – Nokia and Ericsson. These two companies dominated the mobile phone market with their amazing handsets and accessories, and it’s hard to imagine what the world was like before mobile phones became mainstream. If you want to relive the memories of Nokia and Ericsson, check out the Värmland County Museum’s Cell Phone History project, which aims to collect as many different models of phones as possible from all over the world.


For those of you who are phone enthusiasts, Nokia and Ericsson are two of your favorite companies. Today, I am going to introduce to you a web application that is focused on showcasing devices made by these two companies. Aptly called Nokia & Ericsson Museum, it’s a fantastic application that provides an immersive experience for users to relive memories of phones from both these companies, right from their browser. Nowadays, there is a plethora of software products and devices available at our disposal but it’s hard not to feel nostalgia for mobile phones in general and Nokia in particular. Despite being one of my favorite mobile brands myself, I have been guilty myself of forgetting about many truly great innovations they brought into our lives and society as a whole. So what better way to honor a company with such rich history than through its own virtual museum? Let me tell you more about how exactly this website works!

Who is Nokia?

Nokia's history dates back to 1865 when it started as a paper mill company called Knutstorp. In 1871, it began producing telegraph equipment for commercial use. Nokia entered telecommunications in 1910 by manufacturing and selling GSM mobile phones. It has been developing mobile communications ever since.

Relive the memories of Nokia and Ericsson

Brits Ben Wood and Matt Chatterley

Ben Wood and Matt Chatterley launched a mobile phone museum on the Internet called the Mobile Phone Museum, created by Brits Ben Wood and Matt Chatterley. Moreover, visitors can see more than 2,200 old mobile phones at the museum. All exhibits on the Internet are available in physical form at the museum. 

Motorola International 3200

Motorola International 3200, a GSM mobile phone for all-digital mobile networks from 1992, is among them. More than half a kilogram was weighed by the antenna on this device. In the eighties of the last century, mobile phones in analog networks used to weigh about 5 kg. The mobile phone of today is naturally a revolutionary device. These mobile phones were therefore installed in cars and not carried by their owners.

Pocket phones

In the nineties, mobile phones became small enough to fit in a pocket, and many models appeared that had the logos of renowned electronic companies like Ericsson, Nokia, and Siemens.
There were some mobile phones that came with antennas and weighed 300 grams or less.
In addition to the 1993 IBM Simon or the 1996 Nokia 9000 Communicator with the removable keypad, the Museum of the Mobile Phone also has a wide selection of vintage handsets.
This is also the first phone to use a single-pixel camera, it is the Sharp GX30 from 2004.

The Largest Phone Museum on the Internet  Nokia & Ericsson memories

The first iPhone

The Largest Phone Museum on the Internet

Visitors to the Museum of the Mobile Phone can see the first iPhone, which in 2007 introduced a completely new operating system and a set of hardware components that had not been seen before.
The HTC Dream, the first phone equipped with the Google Android operating system to hit the market in 2008, is another new phone introduced to the market during that year. Models, brands, release years, or collections can all be explored in the museum catalog. Mobile phones belonging to these categories include best-selling models, James Bond phones, first models, luxury, and fashion, and according to Japan, each is its own category.

Nokia 3310

The Largest Phone Museum on the Internet  Nokia & Ericsson memories

The Nokia 3310, which was introduced in 2000, is the best-selling mobile phone category. In 2004 Motorola introduced the Razr V3 foldable phone. For example, the Sony Ericsson W800 from 2005, which was the first mobile phone with a Walkman feature, was in the first group of series production models. As well as the Samsung Galaxy S phone from 2010, which is still in production.


This museum is dedicated to a collection of Nokia and Ericsson phones. Our focus is to keep everything as original as possible and we do our best to restore any phone that comes into our collection. We are open 24/7 and updates are done daily, please check out if you have some time! Enjoy your stay!


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