What is SuperVOOC?

What is SuperVOOC
What is SuperVOOC

It was one of the most highly anticipated technologies of 2017 and now it’s finally here; SuperVOOC – the revolutionary way to charge your smartphone! But what exactly is SuperVOOC? How does it work? What are its benefits and drawbacks? What you need to know about this exciting technology is explained in the following article.

SuperVOOC Charging Technology

SuperVOOC uses a proprietary charging technology to charge mobile devices super fast at speeds up to 40W in just 15 minutes. With VOOC Flash Charge, a full charge can be completed in less than half an hour. However, if your device isn’t able to accept SuperVOOC speeds, you can still use it normally with slower charging rates. For example, Quick Charge 2.0 works on all devices that support QC2.0 and other chargers as well as 3A charging rates for phones that aren’t compatible with quick charge. SuperVOOC requires USB-C Type C cables which are backward compatible with USB-A ports.​ SuperVOOC (or Super Fast USB Charging) is Oppo's new groundbreaking fast charging protocol based on Qualcomm's Quick Charge standards but with features specific to OPPO's products like VOOC flash charging feature when used on OPPO's smartphones that have a distinct LED power indicator light; Smart detection of phone vs a tablet or any non-supported device such as cameras/USB battery packs; and more! It supports only USB Type C/Type A ports but future product releases may include backward compatibility depending on user demand. The charger, cable, and output voltage are standardized by the TYPE C community who endorsed OPPO to develop TYPE C VOOC. Standards were set during the development phase so that no conflict would occur among vendors of electronic devices and USB cables who also followed these rules during their design period. The electrical specification meets world-class safety requirements with two-stage overcharging protection: An internal fuse will first trip when current exceeds 4A, then again once it reaches 5V DC or above 5V DC input voltage. If due to extreme circumstances, your device is plugged into SuperVOOC incorrectly and short-circuited, an additional intelligent anti-shorted circuit prevents shock hazards even when stuck plugged in – stopping users from getting electrocuted. Overcharging stops automatically after 6 hours. To ensure maximum safety, there are temperature control systems in place such that overheating cannot affect any components while they work under very high temperatures – 600 degrees Celsius or higher - if left unused for long periods of time. To satisfy thermal management efficiency some heat sinks exist around plugs plus fan cooling systems where applicable... Other companies do not take extra precautions to prevent damage through potentially harmful external factors.

Why VOOC 3.0 is Fastest in the World

The key to Super VOOC charging lies in its upgraded smart protection management system. Compared with conventional protection systems, it guarantees an effective, high-quality charge and protects the battery life cycle. It supports temperature control and compensation for internal resistance when charging or discharging at a high current. Adopting a new technology of multi-terminal structure makes all terminals work quickly; it has a maximum power detection mechanism so that any damaged or short-circuited terminal can be identified instantly, which ensures normal charge and protects the battery. The intelligent control system also adjusts output voltage according to different types of mobile phones during fast charging to make sure every device has optimal charging efficiency.

Super VOOC Flash Charge Technology

What Is It? When it comes to smartphone battery life, many of us rely on external power banks to make sure our devices stay charged throughout busy days. However, there's now a faster way to charge devices quickly. How fast? We're talking less than 15 minutes for a 50% charge on smartphones. Meet Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4+ and VOOC Flash Charge, two next-generation charging technologies that can change how we use our smartphones and tablets. Both have been made available through various products such as smartphones, laptops, cameras, and more — but what exactly are they? Here’s an in-depth look at both: Quick Charge 4+ A quick primer on how batteries work: The faster a battery charges, or discharges, generally speaking, the lower its capacity will be. For example: Say you have an initial 100 mAh/g lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cell with which to do some experimentation; if you apply a constant current of 10 mA while allowing it to discharge at 2 mA/g across its full voltage range (3 V - 2 V), then your capacity is 100 Ah.

SuperVOOC Advantages

As of now, compared to VOOC fast charging technology by OnePlus, Oppo's SuperVOOC has three advantages: (1) higher current of 5A; (2) lower power loss and quick recharging speed; and (3) zero heat. Compared with other fast charging solutions, SuperVOOC can be significantly faster. This new technology can enable some mid-range smartphones to charge as quickly as high-end ones that support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 or USB Power Delivery 2.0. At present, China smartphone manufacturer Oppo announced a breakthrough in its latest technology for ultra-fast charging. Named SuperVOOC, it does not only achieve a 10W charging speed but also brings thermal regulation during the recharging process. It is equipped with two 2V/5A rails and two 1V/4A rails in parallel connection respectively to provide 10W output currents from adapter end through 4th generation FPCs cables. When connected to a compatible smartphone, it only needs about 20 minutes for half charging (from 0%~50%). There are 3 protections embedded in SuperVOOC: overheating control, voltage protection, and short circuit protection.
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