Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?

A tablet and a smartphone are two similar devices that are often compared to each other. While both can be used to check email, surf the web, play games, stream videos, and more, they are two different tools that offer unique features and functionality, which means you don't necessarily need both. Here in this article, we will explain to you those reasons that make the tablet important more than the phone, and we going to tells you, Why Needs a Tablets  When You Have a Smartphones?.

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1. Tablets Cost Less Than Smartphones

The biggest advantage of tablets is their relative affordability. They are lighter and thinner, but more expensive than smartphones that have exactly the same features. Most tablets are considerably less expensive than flagship smartphones of the most popular brands. Additionally, tablets offer a clever way to reduce the cost of smartphones. The price of expensive smartphones is often double that of a typical budget tablet, making tablets incredibly powerful.

2. Gaming Experiences are better.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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Did you want to play the Walking Dead episodic adventure game on your small-screened device? A tablet is a better choice. A smartphone's relatively small display won't be able to give full justice to the stunning graphics, tense atmosphere, and incredible acting in the game. You should put your old rusty phone down and pick up a new tablet if you want to have a truly immersive gaming experience.

3. Multiple applications are available

With tablets, you have access to numerous applications not available on smartphones. Reading reviews on tablets, browsing news, composing music, and searching for endless content are all possible. However, smartphones have limitations regarding screen size, despite being quite portable. To do the reading, enjoy gaming, and access some valuable online content, you can switch to a tablet rather than using a smartphone.

4. Low Chance of Loss

Tablets, compared with smartphones, have a lower likelihood of getting misplaced, according to a recent study. Because they are heavy and less cumbersome than laptops, you can carry them anywhere without feeling concerned about losing them. Since they are easily spotted, they have a slight advantage over other portable devices such as a Smartphone.

5. Become a better composer

We have great news for audiophiles! It is one of the best features of tablets that they can also be used as a music composer or to read sheet music. With apps like Cadenza Live on iOS, you can both write and read sheet music. Additionally, you can even edit, save, share your next 'big tune,' and transfer it to your laptop. On your smartphone, you can only listen to a few songs that may have been made by, erm, someone on a tablet.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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6. Online video viewing is better

A tablet is your best bet when you want to watch your favorite online video channels while lying on the couch. Tablets command a huge market share due to their massive display size and edge out smartphones by a wide margin. Tablets make media consumption a hassle-free affair when compared to smartphones when it comes to consuming media across different platforms.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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7. News & books better in Reading

People are drawn to tablets by their ability to read full-length articles, novels, e-books, etc. In a casual, comfortable setting. Smartphones can be fitted with a wide variety of news apps. Their screens are too small and other factors, such as battery issues, prevent them from being immersive.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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8. Tablets do better in actual work than smartphones.

While spreadsheets, presentations, and documents can be viewed on your smartphone, it's exceedingly difficult to edit them. For example, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs all have smartphone-only versions too. You can edit all these apps on a tablet, for example, just as you would on a laptop; you can reduce your work to mere play on a tablet.

9. Display is Better

Larger screens are always a plus for gaming and entertainment, and Tablets are known for their large screens. Having a larger display gives you more space and more leeway to accomplish any task. Most large tablets come with displays that are comparable to those of smaller laptops. The difference between them and smartphones is that they can be used for more than just gaming.

10. Smartphones are not Flexible as Tablets

With time, tablets have evolved into devices that are able to replace laptops and perform many of their functions. Similarly, tablets can be viewed as the more advanced and versatile version of smartphones. The tablets almost all allow you to shoot videos, take photos, as well as participate in video conferences and chats. Moreover, they can now be referred to as E-readers that store and read an entire library of books while on the move. These tablets combine the functionality of a smartphone and a laptop. Thus, you get both the best of what Smartphones have to offer and what laptops have to offer.
Using a tablet, you are able to access a few of the main features of a smartphone, and when required, you can even switch to laptop mode.

11. Tablets last longer than smartphones.

The battery life of tablets is usually better than that of smartphones. The battery life of tablets is even better than that of laptops! When it comes to battery life, smartphones have been under severe scrutiny. On the other hand, tablets seem to last forever even when pushed to their limits. The battery on your smartphone seems to dry up quickly when you use a few battery-hogging apps.

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12. Smartphones are More Complicated than Tablets

When you are traveling, riding a taxi, or getting on a plane, you can't take your laptops along with you. Honestly, it doesn't make sense.
For laptops to work, you need a surface that is relatively steady and flat. The screen and keyboard cannot be viewed or typed without the lid being opened. By contrast, you can walk anywhere without hindrance when you have a tablet since you can easily turn it on from anywhere.

13. The specs of tablets are better than smartphones

In addition to smartphones and laptops, tablets are capable of performing all the tasks users typically perform on these devices. Playing games, browsing the web, and even browsing the internet are all possible with it. If you're looking for a better user experience while doing multiple activities on your tablet, you'll definitely prefer it to a Smartphone. They're perfect for long sessions, and you can enjoy incredible multimedia experiences without causing harm to your eyes. Playing high-graphic-oriented games is one of the key reasons why the majority of gamers prefer tablets over smartphones.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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14. Serve as a learning tool

Kids who wish to complete their educational projects on high-end gadgets will find tablets a great choice. Tablets are one of the most popular devices in the education industry as many schools use them to instruct their students. Using a tablet, children can easily complete their assignments and homework, saving them a lot of time in the long run.

15. Get High Productivity

Despite the possibility of having a split-screen when running multiple apps on a Smartphone, a screen of 5 inches does not offer much functionality. The one app disappears when the keyboard is pulled out. Having multiple apps open on such a small display is also not feasible. The large display of tablets makes more sense in this regard. Tablet computers allow you to run multiple applications and drag and drop windows whenever needed, just like computers. Tablets are a better choice for productivity than smartphones when it comes to time management. In the long run, you can accomplish so many things with tablets that you can't imagine doing with smartphones.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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16. Exceptional multimedia experience

Tablets are characterized by their size, so you can enjoy multimedia in a bigger format, which is not possible in smartphones. You can be sure that tablets will impress you with their high-end computational capabilities whether you play online games, chat with friends, or watch a movie. It's rare that you would choose a smartphone over a tablet unless you wanted to make a phone call.

Why Needs a Tablet When You Have a Smartphone?
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17. To Make Awesome Art Designs

The days of paper are over when it comes to creating incredible art, and the future belongs to digital. With the help of tablets, you can now easily convert your imagination into creative work. You can take your tablet to the extreme whether you are a videographer, comic artist, or graphic designer. This can be done with your smartphone, too. Tablets, however, aren't able to offer you the same level of creativity and efficiency.


It has always been difficult to resist the magnetic attraction of discs. Some of its features are available on some smartphones (sometimes, anyway). However, it would be foolish to compare smartphones and tablets. Each of us has his own point of view and interpretation. Some of us like the phone and some of us love the tablet.


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