8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly

Your battery’s at 3%?! Did you ever experience this situation before? You’re running late and trying to hail an Uber, but your phone keeps saying low battery over and over. Before you get into that Uber, here are eight reasons why your iPhone’s battery might be draining quickly and what you can do about it!

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
Background App Refresh

1) Background App Refresh

By default, your phone can refresh apps in the background. With iOS 11, Apple has introduced a feature called Background App Refresh. If you're seeing a sudden drain on your battery charge on your iOS device, check if any apps are using up too much juice in background mode. Background App Refresh allows an app to download and access content in addition to what it would normally get when running as a foreground app. It also loads updated information for that app without starting up or resuming itself (i.e., no active launch or open call).

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
location services 

2) Location Services

When your phone isn't plugged in, it can use a significant amount of power to look for nearby Wi-Fi networks and cellular towers. If you’re not interested in sharing your location with apps or services like Find My Friends, you can disable location services. To do so, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then switch Location Services off. This will still allow you to use GPS when using apps like Google Maps.

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly

3) Bluetooth

This one’s simple. Bluetooth drains battery life, especially if you have an older device that doesn’t support Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). If your phone doesn’t have BTLE, try disabling it on your device when you aren’t using it—or consider buying a newer smartphone. Just remember to turn it back on when you want to connect with a wireless speaker or headphones. You can also choose to switch devices for your favorite pair of BTLE earbuds, as long as they use a standard like Apple’s made for branding. Many popular brands don't advertise whether their headphones support BTLE or not; look in small print or check reviews if you're unsure of what you're buying.

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly

4) Notifications

The first reason your phone’s battery life might be draining quickly, ironically, has to do with notifications. Certain apps—such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—send you regular push notifications for every little thing that happens. On an iPhone or iPad, if you’re running low on battery power and see a push notification appear on your lock screen or banner (the slide-down message at top of your home screen), it can drain power rapidly by having to reload its app completely.

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
Low Storage Space

5) Low Storage Space

A low battery charge can also be attributed to a low storage space in your iPhone. As you download apps, they get stored in your phone’s memory; when your storage space is almost full, it becomes harder for your phone to process information and it ends up draining its battery. Make sure you delete any unnecessary files (like old text messages) or apps that take up too much memory so that you don’t find yourself needing to recharge even sooner than expected. To free up more storage space on your device, go into Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and make sure Manage Storage is turned on.

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
Battery Usage

6) Battery Usage

Here’s how to check how much battery each app uses:
1. Go to Settings, then go General, then Usage.
2. Tap on an app, then you can view its battery usage and when it was last opened. 
3. If an app has a significant amount of usage time over 24 hours or if it recently opened, consider uninstalling it since it could be draining your battery life without you knowing!

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
Third-Party Apps on your device

7) Third-Party Apps on your device

Apps can be a major battery drain. Constantly checking social media, notifications, and push alerts can drain your battery faster than you think. If you don’t have to keep using them, turn off apps that run in the background. You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t running multiple battery-draining apps at once or leaving one open for an extended period of time without looking at it. Running out of charge before bedtime? Plugin your device overnight so it has plenty of juice by morning!

8 Reasons Why Your iPhone's Battery is Draining Quickly
Full Battery %

8) Full Battery %

A faulty battery can cause a loss of battery life, in extreme cases even damaging your device. To test whether or not you have a battery issue on your hands, run a full charge cycle—just make sure to be near an outlet if you're going to take advantage of plugging in overnight. Once finished, check how much juice your phone has left—if it didn't make it through one full charge, there may be trouble brewing. If you're still experiencing problems with low-battery life, try resetting your device and see if that helps.


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