Minecraft pros and cons and the goal of it

Minecraft pros and cons and the goal of it
 Minecraft pros and cons 

What is the purpose of Minecraft?

You must decide when you start playing Minecraft what your main goal is, whether it is survival or creativity in construction. Among the main goals of Minecraft are exploration, survival, and building.
In this mode, monsters (they are called mobs in Minecraft) appear and try to steal your resources, kill you, or kill you, with the goal to survive. If your main goal in Minecraft is just to stay alive, this is much easier as it offers new players many challenges that they must overcome.
It is possible to design and build anything in creative mode, from building castles and imaginary buildings to re-designing real buildings from the ground up. In this type of mode, players get all the building blocks and basic building materials they need from the start, so there is no need to worry about mobs in this type.

Minecraft benefits

Children can benefit greatly from playing Minecraft since it has many benefits to improve their basic skills. Minecraft has the following educational benefits:

Imagination and creativity

In Minecraft, a child or an adult can engage in endless challenges, or build amazing works that require a unique architectural intelligence, and the options are endless, encouraging the child to foster his imagination and creativity.

Problem-solving skill

Building in Minecraft requires the player to overcome obstacles and challenges, such as finding sources, discovering how to build tools, collecting food, and finding shelter from enemies in the evening. This requires mental, imaginative, and creative skills to succeed.

Learn math and engineering

In addition to finding out how to build in Minecraft, advanced Minecraft players can also learn computer engineering and electrical engineering, as well as geometry, architecture, and algebra.

Focus skill

To succeed in the Minecraft game, the player must be dedicated to focusing and building a building that is as large as possible; the bigger the building, the more dedication is needed to finish the project, and some projects take hours or even days to complete.

Planning skill

Whenever someone starts playing Minecraft, he starts from scratch, he does not know what to do, so he has to plan ahead, collect resources, design tools, and build one by one.

Teamwork skill

Minecraft is played online by a lot of players, and there is also a pool of players online; teamwork with other players is an important part of playing Minecraft.

Confidence skill

In Minecraft, you are thrust into a new and immersive world without instructions, and you must discover and rely on yourself in order to succeed. It has many challenges, but children can participate and learn from making mistakes.

Minecraft pros and cons

pros of the game Minecraft

  • Minecraft isn't just a video game that children and adults play to have fun and make mistakes, but it can also be viewed as a valuable interactive educational station that teaches people many things, such as how an engine works or many other subjects.
  • This game is a very helpful educational platform, where a player builds structures and makes inventions, and the child learns more about technology such as how computers work and can gain more knowledge about programming, which will motivate them to learn more.
  • In addition, this game not only trains the child how to obtain and retain information but also teaches him how to employ that information in new situations and ways. Weapons, or even blood, are used in the game.
  • Minecraft stands out as a very positive game that we should replicate in other children's games that are infamous for violence because of its lack of violence, its focus on survival rather than warfare, and the player can also avoid this style, and the only thing that makes it unsafe is that it can be played by several players simultaneously., But parents cannot always control the other players, so they should monitor the child from afar to ensure that the other players are safe.
  • Besides encouraging creativity and curiosity, Minecraft gives children the opportunity to explore, build, and discover what's inside the worlds they control and design, and by enabling them to monitor and track all tasks simultaneously, they will survive and enjoy the game.

Cons of Minecraft

Minecraft can be very addictive

Minecraft doesn't seem to be an exception to this rule, and it can sometimes be hard to get a child to stop playing the game when he is enjoying it. A child's attachment to the game may result in her focusing on performing tasks. This may make her feel jealous of the other.

This game can expose the child to bullying

The kind of violence and attack that destroys the work of the child can be more stressful than the actual violence that the child is exposed to in war games, for example. Several players can play Minecraft online, and some are violent and bullies, attacking and killing each other, taking their things, and destroying the buildings that they built.

Spend a lot of money

It is possible for some players to sell their equipment, such as tools, weapons, costumes, etc to other players at their own expense (i.e. a player buys such equipment from another player with real money), but this can be unsafe because some children can spend hundreds of dollars on This game is done without their parent's knowledge, and they get to steal money in order to pay their purchases from other players on Minecraft.


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