Nokia G300 Review, does it a good choice?

Nokia G300 Review, does it a good choice?
Nokia G300

Is the Nokia G300 the best smartphone from the HMD company? Nokia smartphones are lagging behind in the premium market. Moreover, they are moving from advanced 5G devices to more basic and affordable devices. Nokia strives to increase its presence in the low-cost market in order to increase its 
market share. Nokia releases the G300 smartphone to address this need. Due to the absence of the Nokia G200, it can be considered the successor to the Nokia G20.
Users have been able to purchase this phone in the US smartphone market since it was released in October 2021. This low-end phone offers a decent screen, good connectivity, decent performance, and excellent battery life, just like most low-end phones. However, competitive prices for 5G phones are a thing of the past. Here is everything you need to know before purchasing a Nokia G300. In this review, we will discuss the Nokia G300 smartphone in detail.

Nokia G300 Pros and Cons


  1. 5G connectivity enabled.
  2. Long-lasting battery life.
  3. NFC features are supported.
  4. Decent daylight photography.
  5. Dedicated secondary storage unit.
  6. Side-mounted fingerprint scanner.
  7. Support for 18W fast charging speed.
  8. Bloatware free android stock experience.


  1. Standard 60 Hz refresh rate display.
  2. Average selfie photos and videos.
  3. Not for low-light photography.
  4. No video stabilization support.
  5. Heavy use may cause heating issues.
  6. Single storage option to choose from.
  7. Without any gorilla glass protection.

Display and Design

The Nokia G300 features the same glossy design as the Nokia G50 and has a curved back. This phone has a fingerprint reader on the side panel instead of the back panel, so it has a modern look and feel. The color variant is only available in one color - Meteor Gray, so other shades aren't available for purchase.
In terms of build quality, it is not considered thick, as it features a 9.3mm thickness, and the weight is around 210 grams. However, this is a result of the enormous battery. Holding the phone is, however, pretty average, and there are no edges to speak of. In addition, Nokia handsets feature a circular camera module on the back.
Additionally, while the front screen does not offer strong colors, the 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen does a decent job. The pixel density is more important than the resolution, even when it's stuck at HD+. There's enough color and contrast to meet your everyday needs, but you won't be able to watch HDR content on the screen because it's not supported by HDR content. In spite of this, the bezels are quite thick compared to other models. Also, there was no Corning glass protection for the phone.

Memory and Internal

Nokia's G300 is powered by a Snapdragon 480 5G chipset for an affordable price. You will not experience any problems doing your normal tasks when using this chipset, and then you will also be able to use the processor clocked at 2.0GHz. Everything will run smoothly when using this processor. A GPU setup of Adreno 619 is used for visuals and graphics. While it's better than the Vivo iQOO Z5x's processing power, it's not as good.
On the software side of things, the phone renders the default Android 11 version, which may not be as customizable as others. In addition, customization features are likely to appear in some limited feature packs. However, you can still expect one thing from this OS: the bloatware-free ecosystem that makes the overall UI experience outstanding. The adware will not intrude upon your privacy either.
In terms of internal storage and memory, the phone has pretty standard specifications as it supports 4GB of memory at the same time as having 64GB of internal storage. You won't have any problems in the long run with this setup, but if you want to increase your storage capacity, the dedicated storage unit is available. Generally, a Micro-SD slot is located inside the SIM tray.


Nokia phones are known to provide simple, but natural results. In addition, there are no additional layers of warm colors or any AI smoothness effects. There's nothing wrong with a raw and new phone, but the Nokia G300 is disappointing if you prefer better color exposure and HDR contrast. Although the image processing is excellent, the Oppo K9s appear more captivating.
The results are just fine in other areas, like portrait mode and macro mode. The smartphone struggled when it came to capturing finer details and also looking out of focus in real-time. The camera island boasts a 16MP primary camera, which improves general shots in daylight and produces natural results. Low-light conditions also work well with the camera.
Unlike the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, you won't get any stabilization support for video recording in 1080p. You will have to calm down with the average features of the camera app, as well as the lack of features and filters. If you need better quality, Gcam can be used. In terms of specs, you're getting an ultra-wide 5MP standard camera and a 2MP macro camera, plus an 8MP selfie camera.

Battery and Others

In comparison with the Poco X3 Pro, it may have shorter battery life. In any case, you will still enjoy a powerful 4470mAh battery. You can play games for more than 3 hours and watch TV for over 8 hours with this configuration. There is an 18W charger included in the box to charge the phone.
Based on its price range, the Nokia G300 has a decent sound experience but a poor sensor. There are also all the necessary NFC features included on this device. The Nokia G300 can be purchased for $190  approx., which is a great deal for users who need a decent user interface and 5G functionality.


One of the best reasons for choosing the Nokia G300 is its bloatware-free experience as well as its long battery life and 5G capabilities. Both of these factors make the Nokia G300 a great buy, as it will be easy to switch to 5G technology or utilize any new features. There are also some flaws with the camera and screen, but all of this is meant to lower the price of the phone.


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