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Oppo F21 Pro
 Oppo F21 Pro

It has always been Oppo's F series' design and camera, and the new F21 Pro continues this trend. There are several ‘industry firsts’ on the Oppo F21 Pro 4G, including a fiberglass leather back design, Sony IMX709 camera, and microscopic camera on the front. Oppo F21 Pro is priced at $655.842 = Rs 49,999, making it comparable to Android smartphones such as the Realme 9 Pro Plus, Xiaomi 11i, OnePlus Nord 2 CE, and many more. During our test period, we liked five things about the Oppo F21 Pro and disliked two things.

F21 Pro Design

The back of Oppo's F21 Pro is made from vegan leather, which it markets as one of its distinctive features. Touted as the industry's first Fiberglass leatherback, this phone is said to be thinner, lighter, and more durable. Sunset Orange is the only variant that comes in this design as of now. Despite being lightweight, the device's design is unique and better than others. Having a flat design makes it comfortable to use.
There is a huge camera bump on the back of this device, but we liked how the orange color blends perfectly with the camera module. A secondary camera sensor that glows thanks to the orbit technology adds to the premium feel of the device. The glow only comes in white default color, but Oppo should add a color customization option.

F21 Pro camera

We have already seen the Sony IMX709 sensor on the Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G, and we are told that this new sensor is 60 percent more sensitive to light and reduces noise by 35 percent compared to its previous-generation IMX615 RGB sensor. The Oppo F21 Pro has a front-facing camera that produces excellent photos containing all the necessary details. We took a lot of selfies in various modes with the phone, and it produced excellent results. Our skin tone was a bit too bright, but after turning off the beauty mode, it became almost accurate. Also, the camera captures decent low-light pictures.
With the F21 Pro's Bokeh Portrait mode, pictures look even more gorgeous. In terms of edge detection, Oppo got it right with F21 Pro. Nevertheless, it was unable to control the lighting well while taking portrait photos.
A 2MP microlens also called a microscopic, is included in the Oppo F21 Pro. Oppo has launched this feature on its mid-budget device that is priced at  $655.842 = Rs 49,999, just like Realme GT 2 Pro. Despite this, we really enjoyed using the microlens feature and took a lot of pictures with it. Zoom can be adjusted up to 30x! However, we recommend that you use this feature at a 15x zoom level for optimal results. The eye-catching images might not be used on a practical basis, but they would still be an interesting feature.

F21 Pro ColorOS 12

In its original state, the Oppo F21 Pro runs on Android 12 with a ColorOS 12 skin. Additionally, the software is rich in features. The device comes preloaded with a bunch of bloatware that sends unnecessary notifications. On the other hand, ColorOS 12 has more benefits than disadvantages. There is a lot of customization potential and it feels smooth and light. Moreover, it supports the Android 12 ‘Material You’ feature which means that it will automatically customize the color as per the wallpaper.
An option for background steam is available on the right sidebar, which was very useful. ColorOS 12 was released with a focus on privacy, which seems to have carried over to Android 12; it features several privacy-based options and displays a LED on the notification bar if any app uses a microphone or camera.

F21 Pro Battery

There is a 4,500mAh battery in the Oppo F21 Pro, as well as a 33W fast charger included in the box. Battery life is one of the most impressive features of the device, we used it for a full day with a total screen-on time of 7 hours. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and YouTube were opened in the background with the brightness set to automatic, and the refresh rate of the screen set to 90Hz. As well as the use of BGMI, an hour of gameplay was accounted for.
Battery power can be increased from zero to 100 percent in just one hour using the 33W charger.

Recommendations and advice before buying: Oppo F21 Pro

If you are considering buying Oppo F21 Pro 4G, here are a few reasons to think twice:

A better performance would have been beneficial

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 680 chipset powers the Oppo F21 Pro, a device already found on some budget devices such as the Redmi 10 which retails for Rs 10,999 in India. While the Oppo F21 is convenient for regular everyday usage and social media scrolling, there were some random lags when it came to multitasking and gaming.
In addition to that, we played the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Mobile games for one hour apiece. Before landing, buildings, ground, and more had to be rendered before the player could play the game. Once the player landed, the game became choppy and difficult. At the maximum level, you can choose balance and medium or smooth and high for the BGMI graphics.
The highest settings can be played on mobile with minor lags. When you launch a game, the camera will run in the background in a dedicated gaming mode.

Ultrawide cameras and 4K recording are not available.

The Oppo F21 Pro does not have an ultra-wide camera. A camera without an ultra-wide lens cannot capture an expansive view of a scene. Furthermore, the rear camera does not support shooting 4K video, which is a little disappointing. In spite of the phone being advertised to capture beautiful shots, it is only capable of recording videos in 1080p at 30fps. Oppo, you're not there yet.t there yet. The F21 Pro would have been even better if it could record 4K videos.


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