Oppo Find X5 Pro review

Oppo Find X5 Pro review
Oppo Find X5 Pro


There has been an announcement for the Oppo Find X5 Pro, and follow-up releases for the Realme GT 2 Pro, the IQOO 9 Pro, and the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro, all of which are closely related. All the otherwise independent brands are based on one and the same flagship platform - a flagship AMOLED display with 120Hz, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, and a battery of about 5000mAh - all carefully mixed with hand-picked features developed in the company's R&D department. Various camera configurations and charging speeds are combined into the phones, ensuring that they don't eat each other's pie. Not even Samsung can rival this, not even their AMOLED screen, which is the latest generation of LTPO technology. Obviously, the international model will come with the latest Qualcomm silicon. Battery capacity has been increased and charging times have been sped up as well. There's also the latest Oppo camera technology onboard. But not all. It turns out that this year's innovations in camera technology are relatively simple and difficult to detect. According to the specs sheet, if you carefully skimmed through it, you would have been led to believe that the cameras on this phone are identical to those on last year's Find X3 Pro. What makes Oppo different from Samsung with the S22 Ultra? Both companies aren't being treated fairly. It may not be the best camera in a mobile phone, but its features are as refined as they come, and you would have a hard time finding a better one elsewhere.
Oppo Find X5 Pro review

What's new

It looks a lot more appealing and intriguing now that the camera bump is asymmetrical. There is now a ceramic back, which is significantly harder than glass, so scratching this one will be more difficult. The phone can only be purchased in White or Black because of the use of ceramics. Sadly, we won't have any funky colors in this round - but that is a trade-off we are happy to accept. It should theoretically result in better drop and scratch resistance across the board when you use Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the front of the new model. Once again, the phone is dust and water-resistant according to IP68 standards. The sound is also supported by Dolby Atmos, and stereo speakers are included. There is no change to the display type or the size. According to the advertisement, it still reaches a peak brightness of 1300 nits. In addition, the resolution remains the same on both devices - WQHD+.  Additionally, the advertised color accuracy is still stellar on both devices. On the display side, the LTPO 2.0 tech has made it possible for the variable refresh rate to go as low as 1Hz (previously it was 5Hz). The sampling rate of the touch screen is also higher, with a nominal value of 300Hz (previously 240Hz), but it can be spiked up to 1000Hz momentarily for short durations. The Color OS 12 and Android 12 devices both support Color OS 12. With the latest Android features such as Privacy Dashboard, Approximate Location Sharing, Microphone and Camera toggles and indicators, as well as a few other data protection features, it provides a comprehensive security solution. Moreover, you can cast the screen of your Oppo phone onto the desktop of your Windows PC for use there as well. You can have two SIM cards in the bottom SIM slot next to the USB-C port. It is anticipated that Find X5 Pro will be able to support 5G dual SIM connectivity, but the previous model did the same thing.
Oppo Find X5 Pro review Camera

Camera Oppo Find X5 Pro

In addition to the main and wide-angle cameras, the Find X5 also has omnidirectional all-pixel autofocus and high-resolution Sony IMX 766 sensors. As a result of the addition of the glass front element, color accuracy has reportedly been improved by 77% and chromatic aberration has been eliminated. In addition to Samsung just introducing the S22 Series, the industry will probably see more of that development, at least when it comes to flagships. The Find X3 Pro's main camera also gets a slightly different aperture, f/1.7, instead of f/1.8. They have also upgraded the main camera with the same stabilization system found on DSLRs. The combination of the lens- and sensor-based stabilization is one of the most advanced stabilization technologies available.

The battery on the Find X5 Pro

It now sports a larger battery - 5000mAh in comparison to 4500mAh on the Find X3 Pro.
Featuring Oppo's Battery Health Engine, it pioneers the latest charging technology. As long as the battery is better cared for, it is guaranteed to last twice as many charging cycles, 1600 against the supposed "industry standar800") 800", before permanent damage occurs to the battery. Moreover, the Find X5 Pro supports enhanced, 80W SuperVOOC Flash Charging, which can charge the device from almost empty to 50% in 12 minutes. In addition, you get 50W AirVOOC wireless charging, which can charge your device from near-empty to 100% in 47 minutes. While we did not have a wireless charger for the AirVOOC, we did have their 80W SuperVOOC charger, so we put it to the test. Sadly, the battery displayed 40% after 12 minutes of charging, so we did not reach the advertised speeds.
Oppo Find X5 Pro Benchmarking

Benchmarking performance

It makes use of Qualcomm's latest 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship chipset, which is available outside of China. As with the Find X3 Pro, it comes with 12GB+256GB. Oppo's next-generation chipset will allow the new phone to deliver up to 30% more performance. It'll also use up to 25% less power. Not to mention the improved AI and network features. It is undeniable, however, that the new Adreno 730 offers substantial improvements in graphics performance.


All in all, the Oppo Find X5 Pro is an excellent smartphone. The only real reasons consumers should choose this one over the older (and now cheaper) Find X3 Pro are the new Qualcomm silicon and the more durable build.

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