Should You Buy an iPhone 13 or Wait for the iPhone 14? 2022

Should You Buy an iPhone 13 or Wait for the iPhone 14? 2022

When the iPhone 13 was announced, people were (like always) chomping at the bit to find out whether or not they should buy it or wait for the next model. The two questions on everyone’s mind were: what new features would it have and how long would it take until an iPhone 14 was released? I’ll tackle both of these questions in this article. Spoiler alert: if you can afford to wait, hold off until spring 2022 and you’ll have an iPhone 14 in your hands!

Is a new iPhone coming out in 2022?

Many Apple fans waiting for the iPhone's unveiling. It's just over two months until the release; during the time waiting for this company to unveil its mini iPhone, credible rumors have arisen, making the world anticipatory. Though they're canceling the unpopular model, they're still set to release four new models later this year.
It is common knowledge that the iPhone 14 lineups are coming this year and that they'll offer amazing specs, design, quality, and a lot more. A lot of people have been waiting for this year's lineup to see some of the rumors come true with it.
Should you wait for the promise of the iPhone 14, or make do with the iPhone 13? Check out these awesome specs and designs, and you'll want to wait. Here are some reasons why you should buy an iPhone 13 instead of waiting for next year's in other words, the iPhone 14 doesn't render the iPhone 13 useless or inferior. The iPhone 13 is still a neat phone and not a bad choice, though there are several reasons why you might want to wait for it.

Should You Buy an iPhone 13 or Wait for the iPhone 14

Should I buy iPhone 13 or not?

In 2022, there will be a new iPhone (iPhone 14) released. The tech world is going crazy about it and Apple fans are also hyped up. Many of them have asked themselves: should I buy a new iPhone 13 now or wait for a few months until its successor is available? We decided to clear up any confusion by doing some research to find out if waiting really pays off, Let’s start.

Wireless Charging

Another reason you would want to wait for the iPhone 14 pro is the possibility of it wirelessly charging, the age of lightning ports may soon be ending. It's hard to say for sure when this transition will take place, but it will happen eventually. Let's be hopeful that the 2022 iPhone models will usher in this new switch. Your patience might be worth it.

Cooling Feature

So as a next-generation alternative to wireless charging, upcoming Apple phones might be designed with a vapor chamber thermal system. The vapor chamber will be responsible for cooling the phone and would come with better phone specs, including a faster processor and better efficiency. That would be a useful feature.

Superduper Camera Technology

It goes without saying that one of the most attractive things about an Apple phone is the high-quality photography. The 2022 iPhone models will witness the most significant upgrade so far to the wide-angle camera and telephoto lens. Beyond that, the 2022 iPhone models will have a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera plus the ability to record 8K video.

An Increased Storage

Aside from cameras and processing speed, other factors that affect phone selection include capacity. Recent iPhone releases, for example, are due to have an increase in storage, resulting in a total of 2 terabytes. Though it can house your entire collection, it's perfect for game lovers and people who deal with lots of documents, since there's a lot of space. While this rumor is yet to come true in the next few months, it is worth waiting for if you are really in the market for more space.

Titanium alloy is possible for the iPhone 14

From the leaks and other reports we've seen, it appears that Apple might be including a standout feature on the iPhone 14. A JP Morgan Chase leak said it will be something that is unlike anything else on the iPhone 14, with an iPhone 14-style chassis design not before featured on any of Apple's mobile devices, with the exception of the Apple Watch. You might want to wait for this since it's more durable than steel and aluminum, is more scratch-resistant than either, and doesn't corrode.

Detection of car crashes, satellite connectivity

Of course, all of us would love a device that would be responsive enough to help in the case of an emergency when nobody else is available. And it appears that's exactly what's happening because new iPhones will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon X65. This includes satellite connectivity. With these, it will be possible to implement satellite-based emergency services like fires and plane crashes that users can send emergency messages to even when cellular networks are not available. To make them even safer, Apple may be incorporating a car crash detection feature using sensors like the accelerometer to detect when there's a car crash by measuring a spike in gravitational force. Upon detecting a crash, your phone would automatically alert the emergency service department.

WiFi 6E chip and A16 chip added

As production gradually happens below ground, there are high hopes that the iPhone 14 will come with a WiFi 6E. According to Apple's analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo, WiFi 6E will offer the highest wireless speed transmissions so far necessary for VR and AR experiences. It will use the 6GHz, 5GHz, 2.4GHz bands, and 5GHz bands, which is a clear upgrade to the WiFi 6 that can be found on the iPhone 13.

Additionally, next-generation iPhones will probably feature a customized, exclusive, and improved A-series chip (A16 chip). This chip will be developed and produced on TSMC's NP4 process, which is the third largest enhancement of the 5-nanometer family.

Is it worth spending $1000+ on a new phone right now?

When you compare the new phones to last year's model, they all look old, but how much will your experience actually suffer? If you're not a phone enthusiast who likes to tinker with new software, you probably won't miss out on much if you skip a generation of iPhones. With that in mind, let's try to get an idea of whether it's worth spending $1,000+ on a new phone right now. Or the current version suffices for the purpose and what we need.

Who needs a new phone?

If you’re planning to upgrade your phone within a year of purchase, then it probably makes sense to buy a newer model. Older models are cheaper and will still give you most of what you need. Plus, Apple doesn’t always continue supporting its older phones with software updates after a new model comes out. If you can hold off on upgrading to save some money, but don’t want to deal with missing out on features from your friend’s cool new phone, there are two ways that I recommend: Try switching to Android (if iOS isn't working for you), where hardware is cheaper and gets software updates longer.

What are some alternatives to buying an expensive new phone?

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with dropping $1,000 on a phone. If you have that much cash and want to spend it on a new gadget, then more power to you. But most people don’t like throwing money away unnecessarily—and few things are more wasteful than buying a new phone when your current one still works fine. Here are some cheap alternatives to buying a brand-new smartphone.

When should you upgrade your smartphone?

The upgrade process isn’t always cut and dry, but generally speaking, you should wait until a new smartphone is actually necessary. If your current phone is functional and still working well, chances are it's better to hold on to it as long as possible. The longer you can go without upgrading, assuming that your last purchase was at least two years ago, your next purchase will be less costly—in both money and stress. But not everyone follows that advice.

Why get the newest model anyway?

When you’re using a phone, you probably don’t think about how many hours of research and development went into making it. But think about that for a second: There are hundreds of thousands of hours devoted to refining every aspect—right down to your favorite emoji—of your phone. And what do you get in return? A top-of-the-line device. An incredible piece of technology that’s going to stay with you for years. When it comes to spending money on something that will last as long as an iPhone, maybe spending more up front is worth it. After all, getting a new phone every year wouldn’t exactly be good for anyone other than Apple shareholders.


In 2022 This decision is an easy one. All you need to do is compare the features of the new iPhone 14 to the 13s. I already said this, but iPhone 13 is not a bad deal, and in fact, it's one of the best phones on the market until this day. If you're a big fan of the advancements that are planned for the iPhone 14 lineup, you're able to buy it, and you're able to wait, then it would be better to wait.


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