What to do with your old mobile phone in 2022

What to do with your old mobile phone in 2022

No matter how much you love your current mobile phone, there will come a time when it’s no longer the right tool for the job. Maybe you need more memory or better sound quality or a more advanced camera—whatever the reason, as soon as your phone starts to feel outdated, you may be tempted to trade it in or just throw it out and get something new. But don’t do that! Instead, consider these four options to repurpose your old mobile phone that can breathe new life into an otherwise unusable device.

Sell it on eBay

In 2022, when your mobile phone stops working and it’s time to upgrade, you’ll want to get some money back. The best way to do that is by selling it on eBay for a small profit. Follow these simple tips for maximizing resale value on eBay. This will ensure that your device gets a good home and more money in your pocket! Good luck and thanks for reading! If you found this helpful, please share using one of those little heart things at the bottom of your screen (and if not, well... ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄ ). Thanks again!

What to do with your old mobile phone in 2022

Donate it to charity

In 2022, it's going to be a lot easier to recycle phones thanks to a major rule change by CTIA–The Wireless Association, which oversees cell phone recycling standards. For each device you donate between now and then, you can earn $5 in gift cards—your total donation value will be capped at $300 per household. There are some requirements for eligibility (no cracked screens, water damage, or other obvious issues), but most working phones should qualify. The only catch is that you'll have to wait until 2022 to cash in on your donations. If you're ready to part ways with an old phone right now, consider donating it directly through nonprofit groups like Cell Phones for Soldiers or HopeLine from Verizon. Or find a location near you through Call2Recycle's search tool. And if all else fails, there are plenty of places that will take broken phones off your hands right away—but they won't give them back when new ones come out in 2022.

Recycle it

If you're retiring a device that's still useable, consider selling it online or at a local swap meet. If you go through a reputable reseller, there's no harm in keeping all your data and transferring it over to your new device. The proceeds will help offset some of those upgrade costs. To get an idea of how much you can fetch for any given gadget, search eBay's completed auctions for previous models. And if you don't want to deal with selling and shipping yourself, plenty of companies will buy back used devices and even trade them for new phones—often for cash or credit toward future purchases. Research services like Gazelle, Glyde, NextWorth, and Amazon Trade-In before starting a bidding war on Swappa or eBay. You might also check out Google to recycle your smartphone.

What to do with your old mobile phone in 2022

Give it away for free

In 2022, a study conducted by Mobile Planet found that 30% of respondents still had their old mobile phones stored away. If you’re one of these people and have an older model (and if you’re planning on upgrading soon), consider giving it away for free through a program like Vidya or NextWorth. These websites allow you to sell your device for cash and donate some of that money back to charity. All told, it’s a win-win! You get rid of something you don’t need anymore and help someone out at the same time. It’s a great way to give back while clearing space in your home.

Keep it as an emergency backup

Smartphones have become incredibly popular over recent years. For many people, their phones are as important as any other piece of technology, whether it’s a television or computer. This means that if you want to replace it, you’ll need a new one just like it. If not now then you should consider keeping your old smartphone for emergencies when your new smartphone breaks down and needs replacing. Mobile phones are expensive pieces of kit but they can be useful in an emergency when nothing else will work and at least if you’ve got a second-hand one lying around then that way you won’t have wasted all your money on something which turns out not to be needed anyway! There are plenty of things that could go wrong with your new smartphone. It could get dropped into water, get stolen, or broken beyond repair by dropping it from too high up so make sure you keep hold of an older model to ensure you’re never left without a working phone. There may also come a time when your smartphone isn’t compatible with newer networks so make sure you save some data before upgrading so that you can always keep using your phone even if there is no service available in certain areas. Just because someone has bought the latest iPhone doesn’t mean they necessarily want to upgrade their previous model. Maybe it still works perfectly well and maybe they simply don't see any benefit in upgrading?


There are lots of things you can do with an old device. You could donate it, recycle it, or sell it. If you think you'll miss your favorite gadget too much, buy a used one at half price on sites like eBay or Craigslist. Take a look at what others are doing: if nothing else, take some inspiration for yourself! Your old devices might be able to make someone's life better; don't just toss them out. They might also end up being worth more than you expect. Don't forget that we're all part of a circular economy—and that means we should be reusing and recycling whenever possible! One last thing...don’t let your tech die without a fight. Batteries wear down over time, so try to charge them as often as possible (but not excessively). Many modern smartphones have low-power modes that allow you to prolong battery life when you need it most. And, of course, turning off unneeded features is always helpful. Do everything you can to keep those batteries charged up—and then recycle them responsibly when they finally give out for good!
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