6 Charging Mistakes You're Making That Are Damaging Your Phone Battery

6 Charging Mistakes You're Making That Are Damaging Your Phone Battery

6 Charging Mistakes You're Making That Are Damaging Your Phone Battery

When you own an iPhone, your world becomes preoccupied with its battery life. You check it constantly before leaving the house, keep an eye on it throughout the day, and probably even dream about it when it’s time to hit the hay. Battery life for a smartphone user is more than just a number; it’s a level of stress and anxiety. That’s why every article you read about smartphone batteries seems to be another one about how to save yours. The sad truth is that most people don’t know anything about operating theirs properly. And though you might think these tips are common knowledge, they aren’t. Most people are guilty of making one or more of these mistakes when charging their phones:

You always leave your phone charging overnight.

Smartphones don’t need to be charged overnight. If you put one on the charger before you go to bed, it will be extremely hot in the morning. When it gets too hot, the phone’s lithium-ion battery begins to swell; this is a serious problem. It can permanently damage the battery and even cause it to catch fire. The reason some people leave their phones charging all night is that they have a low-battery anxiety disorder and can’t face the day without their phones. The solution is simple: Charge during the day when your phone is cooler, and plug it in before you go to bed. Your phone will charge long enough to get to 100% and shut off on its own. If you don’t want to always remember to unplug your phone during the day, you can also invest in a device that has a timer. This is a cheap and simple way to make sure your phone never gets too hot.

You charge your phone from a bad outlet or with the wrong cable.

If you constantly find that your phone’s battery is draining at an alarming rate, it could be that the outlet you’re plugging it into is bad. But even worse than that would be using the wrong cable. This is a mistake that many users make each day and can damage your phone’s internal circuitry. To find out if an outlet is bad, plug in a different device and see if it works. If the other device is having issues, the outlet is bad. If the outlet is working fine, plug the other device into a different outlet to rule out the outlet’s power source. If the device still doesn’t work, you may have a bad cable. To check if a cable is bad, plug it into a different device to see if you get the same results. If you do, you should probably go out and buy a new cable immediately. The counterfeit cables flooding the market can damage your phone.

You constantly check your battery percentage.

You might feel like you’re doing the right thing by keeping track of your phone’s battery percentage. But you’re not. Lest you forget, your battery isn’t a bucket that gets filled up with time. Instead, it’s a source of power that slowly drains. Checking your battery percentage constantly will only distract you from the amount of time left on your device. Plus, it’s a significant drain on your battery. You can, however, set up alerts on your phone that let you know when your battery percentage is getting low. This way, you’ll have time to plug it in before it dies.

You have apps running in the background at all times.

Most apps running in the background aren’t doing anything. They’re just draining your battery. You can easily check which apps are running by going to your phone’s settings. From there, select “Battery,” and you’ll be able to see which apps are eating up your battery. If one always seems to be running, you can press “End Background App” to stop it. If you’re not sure how to close apps, there are other ways to do it. You can put it on airplane mode, which will stop all the apps from running. You can also just press the home button twice and swipe up to close all the apps that are running.

You leave your brightness on high at all times.

  • Having your brightness on high at all times isn’t the best idea. You don’t need to have your brightness cranked up all day long. Lowering your brightness to a lower percentage will conserve energy, keep your eyes from hurting, and save your phone’s battery. If you don’t want to lower your brightness manually every time you’re in a dark room, some apps can help you by taking a screenshot of your screen to help you find the app.
  • Turn on the flashlight when in a dark room or when you’re in an alleyway. This will help to illuminate the area and make it easier to see your surroundings.
  • Don't use flashlights if you're indoors (unless you're using them as flashlights). The battery life of a flashlight is shorter than that of a normal flashlight, which can mean that if you go outside and get too many lights on, your phone will die.
  • If there's no light coming from any source (such as the sun), turn off your phone's flashlight before turning it on again. This will save battery life and prevent unwanted flashing lights from appearing during nighttime activities such as gaming or watching movies. You can also do this by pressing the "Power" button twice and then holding down the power button for 2 seconds to turn off all your devices' Powershell, then press "Power" again to turn them back on again.
  • do it for you. Any app that offers an “Automatic brightness” option will be able to lower your brightness when it’s dark and raise it when it’s light again.

You never let your battery drain completely.

Draining your battery to 0% is one of the best things you can do for it. If you constantly keep your phone plugged in, you’re not allowing it to be fully charged. This means that your battery doesn’t get to the point where it’s fully charged, and stays at 100%. You should try to let your battery drain completely at least once every two to three months. If you don’t, you’re going to have trouble with your battery life in general. Drain your battery completely every once in a while, and you’ll see that your battery life, in general, will improve.


Your phone’s battery life is important. If you want to keep your battery healthy, you need to know how to charge it properly. To set your phone properly, you should always follow these six tips: You don’t always have to leave your phone charging overnight, you shouldn’t charge your phone from a bad outlet or with the wrong cable, and you shouldn’t constantly check your battery percentage, you shouldn’t have apps running in the background at all times, you shouldn’t leave your brightness on high at all times, and you should never let your battery drain completely.

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